Lorenzo Snow, Dec 23, 1899; Saturday

-- Dec 23, 1899; Saturday
Presidents Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith were at the office, where they, with Bishop William B. Preston, made the following

appropriations: $179 in favor of the Fremont [Idaho] Stake Clerk; $130 in favor of the Sanpete [Utah] Stake Clerk; $1,650 in favor of Bear Lake [Idaho/Utah] Stake Academy; $500 in favor of President William Budge, of Bear Lake Stake; $286 in favor of Ira Hinckley; $100 in favor of the Sanpete Stake tabernacle.

The Stake Clerks of Freemont and Sanpete are to be notified that no such appropriations can be made again, and that each must look to the stake for remuneration. The appropriation to President Budge was made some time ago by President Snow. Brother Hinckley's amount was drawn by him from the Tithing Office without an order some years ago, and he has been owing it ever since. President Canute Peterson is to be written to about the Sanpete Stake Tabernacle appropriation; that it cannot be allowed again; the Stakes must provide for their own Tabernacle expenses. (1)

-- Dec 26, 1899; Tuesday
Presidents Lorenzo Snow and George Q. Cannon agreed this morning to entertain a proposition from certain parties, names at present unknown, and whose owners desired not to be known until the proposition should be made, to either lease or manage the Saltair Beach Resort and Railroad for the coming year. An appointment was made to receive the parties at three o'clock this afternoon.

Brother Evan Stephens, conductor of the Tabernacle choir, who had written to the Presidency, asking for a leave of absence to visit Europe and to be gone from six to twelve months, called this morning to get an answer. His request was granted, with the understanding that some one act in his place during his absence. He named several brethren, three of the most proficient local musicians and two younger men. It was decided to choose from the latter, and Brother Horace S. Ensign was selected. It was also decided to restore the salary of Brother Stephens to the former figure, thereby increasing it two hundred dollars a year. He had asked that this be done.

The sum of $231.35 was appropriated as taxes for lands in Canada; and the sum of $13 in favor of the Pine Valley [Utah] Tithing Office, for oats supplied the President's party while visiting there last spring.

The parties who propose to lease Saltair, C. W. Miller and W. C. Bateman, came to the three o'clock appointment. They propose to pay the Church seventy-five per cent of the net earnings for the year, which was to be from February to February, and to guarantee a payment of $8,000 on account.

President Snow readily fell in with this seemingly liberal proposition. Up to the present time, only about $1800 had been received from the railroad and the resort, over and above their running expenses, from the beginning. Mr. Miller, who has been connected with Saltair since the opening of the pavilion, informed the Presidency that he fully believed Mr. Bateman and himself would be able to turn over to the Church between $12,000 and $15,000. He therefore felt perfectly safe in guaranteeing $8,000. President Snow accepted the proposition, and told those gentleman that the contract would be put in legal form. He further assured

them that if their business relations should prove satisfactory they might count on the management of the business the next year and other future years. Brother F[ranklin]. S. Richards, Church Attorney, came into the office soon afterwards, and President Snow handed him the proposition with instructions to draw up an agreement accordingly.

Brothers Ben R. Eldredge and James Sharp had a talk with President Snow, and afterwards with President Cannon, in relation to Harold Eldredge. They were satisfied that the young man had become somewhat deranged in his mind, being unable to account for his reported conduct in any other way. He was similarly afflicted, it seems, about a year ago, but his family had hoped that he had got over it. These brethren asked that Brother Abraham O[wen]. Woodruff be permitted to go to Germany and bring Harold home, the Eldredge family to pay all expenses; but it was thought better to cable the Presidency at Liverpool [England] that he be sent home in care of a couple of returning missionaries. This was done.

The case of F. M. Weldon vs. S. S. Smith Jr., appealed from the High Council of San Luis [Colorado/New Mexico] Stake had been referred to Elder John T. Caine, an experienced High Councilor of Salt Lake Stake, with the request that he examine the papers and report findings. This he did, setting forth his views in two communications. It was his judgment that a new trial should be had, with two of the Apostles sitting with the High Council. This view was now adopted by the First Presidency. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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