Lorenzo Snow, Jan 26, 1999

-- Jan 26, 1999
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow, [George Q.] Cannon and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office. The sum of $100. was appropriated in favor of the Samoan Mission to help the publication of tracts in the native tongue. Bro[ther] Joseph E. [Taylor] Called to see me and told me of how things looked regarding organizations &c. He said his wife Mattie who he said is a very close observer of things, remarked to him as they returned from Conference on Sunday night last:--she never witnessed a person exhibit more egotism than Bro[ther]. [Francis M.] Lyman did in his conduct at the meetings last Sunday. I said:--if I was to do what my natural feelings would lead me to do, instead of speaking of it to any one else I should tell Bro[ther]. L[yman]. of it to his face. Bro[ther]. T[aylor]. advised that I do not do it. I told him I had received evidences that Pres[ident]. Lorenzo Snow is a just man and although he appears pliable, associated as he is and his Councilors are with the Twelve, he will permit nothing to be done to the injury of the Church. I further said, I know God will overrule every event, wherein His servants appear to act foolish, to promote His glory and the final triumph of His work, let things appear to go as they may. I only feel particularly exercised about my own conduct, lest I go wrong and lead others to do the same. (1)

-- Saturday, Jan 27, 1999
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Washington, D.C.

I called upon U.S. Senators Joseph L. Rawlins, Geo. L. Shoup, Shelby M. Cullom, [Mc? written between lines], C. D. Clark, and Congressman F. W. Mondell. All treated me nicely. I wrote to Lorenzo Snow. (2)

-- Jan 27, 1900; Saturday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [George Q.] Cannon were at the office, President [Joseph F.] Smith had gone to Nephi [Utah] to attend the Stake conference.

Several brethren called during the day at the office for counsel and instruction pertaining to both personal matters and church affairs.

Mr. George Y. Wallace, manager of the Rocky Mountain Telephone Company, called at twelve o'clock by appointment and met with Presidents Snow and Cannon. They had consulted together the day previous concerning affairs of the Telephone company and the Deseret Telegraph, Mr. Wallace having presented a proposition for the purchase of the Telegraph line. This proposition was that the sum of $10,000. should be paid for the telegraph line provided the Church would take $50,000. of stock in the Rocky Mountain Telephone Company, or pay $5,000. and the Church take $25,000. in stock, with the understanding that a church member should be on the telephone board. It was concluded yesterday to dispose of the telegraph line for $5,000. but that the Church take no stock in the telephone company. Mr. Wallace was somewhat disappointed in this decision, but President Snow stated that the Church was not investing any means, but on the contrary was getting out of debt as fast as possible. President Snow, however, stated that if the telephone line concluded to purchase the telegraph line they could rest assured that they would continue to have the good will of the Church and the best wishes of the authorities and, of course, the Saints would give the telephone company their patronage. Mr. Wallace stated that he would lay this proposition before the telephone board of directors on Monday next.

The sum of $791.04 was appropriated in favor of the Eastern States mission. This amount had been used out of the tithing of that mission as follows: $680.77; railway fares $110.27. A tithing receipt for this amount will be forwarded and the tithing payers receive due credit for the amounts paid. (3)

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