Lorenzo Snow, Nov 25, 1899; Saturday

-- Nov 25, 1899; Saturday
President Lorenzo Snow is confined to his room today by sickness. President [George Q.] Cannon was at the office in the forenoon, and President [Joseph F.] Smith in the afternoon.

Hon[orable]. William Rockwell Clough, chairman of the National Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, called and met President Smith. He is here to make inquiry into the facts relating to the status of Congressman-elect B. H. Roberts. President Smith entertained him, giving him all the information he desired, and with which he expressed himself as entirely satisfied. A set of Church works was presented to him, also the three published volumes of [Orson F.] Whitney's History of Utah. (1)

-- Nov 27, 1899; Monday
Presidents Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith were at the office.

The First Presidency attended a performance at the Theatre this afternoon, given by the Salt Lake Opera Company, for the entertainment of the old folks.

At five o'clock, immediately after coming from the theatre the Presidency met Senator [George H.] Shoup, of Idaho, and Judge [George C.] Bartch, of Salt Lake City, in the reception room of the Beehive House.

At six o'clock President Snow and President Smith met Mr. and Mrs. Donahue, of Chicago [Illinois], who, being very anxious to meet President Snow, had been waiting fully an hour for the opportunity. Mr. Donahue represents the Art Journal of Chicago. He is to receive by mail the photographs of Presidents Snow, Cannon and Smith, to be reproduced in the Journal. Elder Brigham Young [Jr.], who was also present, promised to send Mr. Donahue his father's autograph. (1)

-- Nov 28, 1899; Tuesday
Presidents Lorenzo Snow, George

Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith were at the office.

They received a call from Dr. Karl G. Maeser, general Superintendent of Church schools, and President Benjamin Cluff, of the Brigham Young Academy, who suggested that the students of that institution have the privilege of coming to Salt Lake City, to be favored with an address from the First Presidency.

It was decided, however, instead of having the students come here, that the Presidency visit the Academy at Provo [Utah], for the purpose mentioned, and the fifteenth proximo was named as the date of this appointment.

It was decided also, next Thursday being Thanksgiving day to postpone for one week the regular Thursday Council meeting. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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