LDS History, 1787

-- 1787
[U.S. Religious History] Constitution and Bill of Rights advanced freedom. (Backman)

-- 1791
[U.S. Religious History] England, Toleration Act extended to Roman Catholics (Backman)

-- 1796, January 24
Joseph Smith, Sr., and Lucy Mack Smith m. in Tunbridge, VT. (EofM)

-- 1796 Jan 24
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Smith and Lucy Mack married at Tunbridge, Vt. (LucyM)

-- 1797
[Lucy Mack Smith] Loss of firstborn son of the Smiths. (LucyM)

-- 1798 Feb 11
[Lucy Mack Smith] Birth of Alvin. (LucyM)

-- 1800-1820
[U.S. Religious History] England, U.S., Continued growth of pluralism (Backman)

-- 1800, February 9
[Joseph F. Smith] Hyrum Smith, Joseph F. Smiths father, born in Tunbridge, Vermont. (P-RS-JFS)

-- 1800 Feb 9
[Lucy Mack Smith] Birth of Hyrum. (LucyM)

-- 1801, June 1
[Brigham Young] Born in Whittingham, Widdham County, Vermont. (P-RS-BY)

-- 1801, June 1
Brigham Young (1801-1877) b. Whitingham, Windham Co., VT. (EofM)

-- 1801 1 June
Brigham Young born in Whitingham, Vermont. (Hemidakota)

-- 14 June 1801
[Heber C. Kimball] Born in Sheldon Village, Sheldon Township, Franklin County, Vermont. (HCK)

-- 1801, July 21
[Joseph F. Smith] Mary Fielding, his mother, born in Honidon, England. (P-RS-JFS)

-- 1802 Spring
[Lucy Mack Smith] Move to Randolph, Vt. (LucyM)

-- 1803 Spring
[Lucy Mack Smith] Loss of the Tunbridge farm. (LucyM)

-- 1803 May 17
[Lucy Mack Smith] Birth of Sophronia. (LucyM)

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