LDS History, 1818 Fall

-- 1818 Fall
[Lucy Mack Smith] Smiths move into small cabin at north end of their Manchester property. (1)

-- 1819
[John Taylor] Moves with his family to Hale (near Milnthorpe), where he helps work on a small farm left to his father by an uncle. (2)

-- 1819/20
[Lucy Mack Smith] Attempted assassination of Joseph Jr. (1)

-- 1820
[Heber C. Kimball] Moves to Mendon Village, Mendon Township, Franklin County, New York; becomes an apprentice potter to his brother. (3)

-- 1820, Early Spring
The Prophet Joseph Smith received First Vision in a grove of trees in Palmyra and Manchester Townships, New York, near his home (see JS-H 1: 15-17). (4)

-- 1820 August
Joseph Smith, Sr. contracts to buy land in Farmington. (5)

-- 1821
[Deseret] Following the Mexican Revolution, traders from Spanish and Mexican territory barter actively in Utah. (6)

-- 1821
[Deseret] Mexico wins independence from Spain and claims Utah. (6)

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