LDS History,

-- 1825-1830
[U.S. Religious History] Rise of United Brethren, Plymouth Brethren, and Irvingites. (1)

-- 1825 Spring
Four members of Joseph Smith, Jr.'s family join the Presbyterian Church, including Hyrum Smith and his mother, Lucy Mack. (2)

-- 14 September 1825
[Heber C. Kimball] Joins Masonic Lodge, Victor Village, Victor Township, Ontario County, New York. (3)

-- September 22, 1825
[Joseph Smith] Manchester, New York. Joseph Smith met with Moroni at Hill Cumorah on this same day for three years to receive instructions until he could obtain the plates. (4)

-- 1825 Sept 22
[Lucy Mack Smith] Moroni meets with and teaches Joseph Jr. at Hill Cumorah. (5)

-- 1825, October
Joseph Smith hired by Josiah Stowell to work at Harmony, PA. Boarded at Isaac Hale's and met Emma Hale. (6)

-- 1825 Oct
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. hires with Josiah Stowell and works in Harmony, Pa. (5)

-- November 17, 1825
[Joseph Smith] Near South Bainbridge, New York. Joseph Smith continued his employment on Josiah Stowells farm, although the mine excavation in Harmony, Pennsylvania, had ended. (4)

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