George Albert Smith, June 26, 1817

-- June 26, 1817
[Grand father of George Albert Smith] George Albert Smith is born, June 26, 1817, commonly known as George A. Smith to distinguish him from his grandson of the same name. His birth is in Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, New York, the son of John Smith and Clarissa Lyman, and a nephew of Joseph Smith, Sr. (1)

-- May 7, 1818
[Sarah Ann Libby (Smith Smith) [grandmother of George Albert Smith]] Sarah Ann was born on May 7, 1818 to Nathaniel and Tirzah Lord Libby, in Ossipee, Grafton, New Hampshire. Lowell Institute for Savings Bank Records show that Sarah Libby was a carder in 1841. Her family records also document that she was a pastry cook for one of the boarding houses in Lowell.... (2)

-- Jul 27, 1820
[Grandfather of George Albert Smith] Lorin Farr, later a friend of Joseph Smith, pioneer, and civic and Church leader in Ogden, Utah, is born in Waterford, Vermont. (3)

-- before 1830
[Great-grand father of George Albert Smith] John Smith: Mason before 1830, Harmony, New York (4)

-- 1832
[Grandfather of George Albert Smith] George A Smith: Baptized 1832 (4)

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