History of the Word of Wisdom, Jan 8, 1965

-- Jan 8, 1965
Secretary to the First Presidency Joseph L. Anderson writes in answer to a question by a Mormon "regarding the drinking of Sanka Coffee": "I am directed to tell you that the drinking of a beverage made from the coffee bean, from which all caffeine and deleterious drugs have been removed, is not regarded as a violation of the Word of Wisdom." (1)

-- Mar 26, 1966
CHURCH NEWS reports that Devendra J. Singh, former Hindu "is the first of his race to be called on a mission, the second East Indian to go through the temple and the fourth of his people to be ordained and elder." CHURCH NEWS editorial on "Politics and Religion" states: "We have been taught to avoid extremes and extremists, whether in the Word of Wisdom, in politics or in any other area of thought. The Lord's work is not accomplished by immoderate measures and radical groups . . .The Lord justifies us in defending our Constitution and this land for which it was written. But He does not justify radicalism in doing so. . . . The Church has nothing to do with Communists, nothing to do with racists, nothing to do with Birchers, nothing to do with any slanted group. But it does have everything to do with the eternal salvation of human souls." (2)

-- Aug. 30, 1966
[Temple] Inquiry has been received from the presidency of one of the stakes in Las Vegas regarding the attitude that the Church should assume in the matter of appointing to administrative positions or issuing temple recommends to employees [of ] gambling casinos, more specifically employees who are dealers, pit bosses, cashiers in tellers windows, change girls, bartenders, cocktail waitresses and cigar and cigarette girls. This question came before the Council of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve for consideration some months ago, and it was the sentiment of the Council at that time that we do not want any of our members participating in these gambling dens. President [David O.] McKay indicated that while he did not want to rule arbitrarily on this matter that we cannot handle whiskey and gambling without being scarred by it, and that our people should stay away from such places. The President further said that we had better not temporize with these things. 6. "ST
ANDARDS AND PRINCIPLES" In a subsequent consideration of the matter it was decided to convey this information to stake presidents who are concerned with this problem and advise that we should not appoint to administrative positions nor issue temple recommends to people in these gambling places whose employment requires them to meet the public and participate in the manner indicated. We hope that our brethren and sisters can find employment in a more desirable environment. [David O. Mc- Kay, Hugh B. Brown, N. Eldon Tanner, and Joseph Fielding Smith to Stake Presidents in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, [and] Presidents of California Missions, Aug. 30, 1966] (3)

-- Jun 1, 1969
Cigarette ads are henceforth banned on broadcasts of LDS church's radio and television stations in Utah, Washington state, Missouri, California, and New York. (2)

-- Oct 21, 1973
First Presidency letter urges 78,800 Mormons in Washington state to vote against referendum to allow nineteen-year-olds to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages. (2)

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