LDS History, 13-14 Sept. 1839

-- 13-14 Sept. 1839
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. visits William Smith at Plymouth. His sister Lucy is healed at the sound of his voice downstairs. (1)

-- 13 Sept. 1839
[Lucy Mack Smith] Silas Smith, brother of Joseph Sr., dies. (1)

-- 1839, September 14
Joseph Smith, Sr., d. Nauvoo, age 69. (2)

-- 1839 September 18
Elder Brigham Young, accompanied by H. C. Kimball, left Nauvoo on his first mission to England. (3)

-- 18 September 1839
[Heber C. Kimball] Leaves for fifth mission, his second to England. (4)

-- 1839 October 6
October 8 The fall conference is held. Among the notable events that occurred, Orson Hyde and William Smith are restored to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.^[3]^[4] (5)

-- October 27, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Commerce, Illinois. The high council voted that Joseph Smiths wife, Emma Smith, select and publish an updated hymnbook for the Saints. (6)

-- 1839, October 29
Joseph Smith left Commerce for Washington, D.C., to petition U.S. Government for redress of losses in Missouri. (2)

-- 1839 29 October-4 March
Joseph Smith went to Washington, D.C., with redress petitions. (7)

-- 1839 October 29
Joseph Smith, Jun., and others left Nauvoo for Washington, D.C., as delegates from the Church to the general government. (3)

-- October 29, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Commerce, Illinois. Joseph Smith left for Washington, D. C., seeking redress from the Congress of the United States for the grievances and losses of the Saints in Missouri. (6)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph travels to Washington D.C. to seek help from the President for the persecutions of the members in Missouri. (8)

-- 1839 October 29
[Joseph Smith] Departed Commerce for Washington DC to seek redress for Mormon property losses in Missouri. (9)

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