LDS History, 17 Mar. 1839

-- 17 Mar. 1839
[Lucy Mack Smith] Brigham Young presides at a conference at Quincy, Illinois. George Hinkle, Sampson Avard, John Corrill, Reed Peck, W. W. Phelps, Frederick G. Williams, Thomas B. Marsh, Burr Riggs, and others are excommunicated. (1)
-- March 17, 1839
[Quorum of the Twelve] Thomas B. Marsh excommunicated. (2)
-- 1839, March 20-25
Joseph Smith still imprisoned in Liberty Jail, wrote epistle to Saints (D&C 121, 122, 123). (3)
-- 1839 20-25 March
Joseph Smith wrote epistle to Saints from Liberty Jail (D&C 121-23). (4)
-- March 20, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Liberty, Missouri. From jail Joseph Smith dictated a letter to the Saints who had found refuge in Quincy, Illinois, and elsewhere, after they had been driven from Missouri. The letter included what is now known as Doctrine & Covenants 121, 122, and 123. (5)
-- 1839 March 20
[Joseph Smith] Commenced writing epistle from jail to exiled Latter-day Saints, Liberty. (6)
-- 1839, March 20
[Joseph Smith] (age 33)From Liberty Jail, writes an epistle to the Saints, portions of which are later canonized in Doctrine and Covenants 121, 122, and 123. (7)
-- March 21, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to his wife, Emma Smith, living in Quincy, Illinois. (5)
-- March 22, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smith sent a letter to landowner Isaac Galland informing him of the Churchs desire to purchase land in the Commerce, Illinois, vicinity, thus saving the Church from fragmentation. (5)
-- 25 Mar. 1839
[Lucy Mack Smith] Howard Coray and other members of his family are baptized in Pike County, Illinois. (1)
-- During 1839 Mar
[Lucy Mack Smith] Revelations received in Liberty Jail (D&C 121, 122, and 123). (8)
-- April 4, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to his wife, Emma Smith, from Liberty Jail. (5)
-- April 6, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smith was sent with other prisoners by a dangerous route from Liberty to Gallatin, Daviess County. (5)

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