LDS History, 1839 June 11

-- 1839 June 11
[Joseph Smith] Resumed recording history with scribe James Mulholland, Commerce. (1)

-- June 23, 1839
[Joseph Smith] McDonough County, Illinois. While visiting his brother Don Carlos Smith, Joseph Smith preached to a congregation so eager to hear that a part of them stood out in the rain during the sermon. (2)

-- 1839 June 27
Orson Hyde returns to the church to explain his actions and rejoin the church. (3)

-- June 27, 1839
[Quorum of the Twelve] Orson Hyde restored to the Quorum by vote of the church. (4)

-- During June 1839
[Lucy Mack Smith] Don Carlos Smith, using the printing press that W. W. Phelps had employed in Missouri, begins to set up the Times and Seasons. (5)

-- July 2, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Montrose, Iowa. Joseph Smith counseled with and blessed the Twelve Apostles and certain of the Seventies before their missions to Great Britain. (2)

-- July 7, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Commerce, Illinois. Joseph Smith attended a farewell meeting for the Twelve Apostles who were about to leave on missions to Great Britain. (2)

-- about July 9, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Commerce, Illinois. Over the course of a few days, Joseph Smith spent time with the Twelve Apostles selecting hymns in order to prepare a new hymnbook. (2)

-- mid-July 1839
[Lucy Mack Smith] Great numbers of the Saints become ill, with new cases occurring daily. About this time, William takes Hyrum's daughter Lovina, who is ill, home to Plymouth with him. Lucy and her daughter Lucy go to nurse her in mid-summer. Daughter Lucy becomes ill again. (5)

-- July 21, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Commerce, Illinois. Joseph Smith and the Saints did not hold their Sunday meetings because of rain and sickness. However, many of the sick were healed by the elders of the Church through the power of God. (2)

-- 1839 July 21-23
[Joseph Smith] Performed faith healing of sick Latter-day Saints, Commerce, Illinois, and Montrose, Iowa. (1)

-- July 22, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Commerce, Illinois to Montrose, Iowa. Joseph Smith and several brethren miraculously healed the Saints of illnesses that had taken hold on both sides of the Mississippi River; this day is known as the greatest day of healing in Church history. (2)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph heals many of the Saints who have been stricken with malaria because of the poor living conditions along the river in Illinois. (6)

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