LDS History, 1839 April

-- During 1839 April
[Joseph Smith] ca. 25 Began investigating land for Mormon settlement, Illinois and Iowa. (1)

[Joseph Smith] ca. 6-8 Traveled from Liberty to Gallatin, Daviess County, to attend grand jury hearing on crimes allegedly committed in Daviess County. (1)

-- During 1839 April
[Joseph Smith] [Joseph Smith] Indicted on charge of treason; escapes; reunited with family at Quincy, Illinois. (2)

-- May 1, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Joseph purchases land for the Saints to live on in Commerce, Illinois. (3)

-- 1 May 1839
[Lucy Mack Smith] The Saints purchase their first land in Commerce, a 135-acre farm, from Hugh White for $5,000, plus forty-seven "unimproved" acres from Isaac Galland. Later, additional hundreds of acres are purchased from Daniel H. Wells, Hiram Kimball, Davidson Hibbard, and the firm of Horace R. Hotchkiss. (4)

-- 1839 May 1
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph purchases the first lands for the Church in Ill. (5)

-- 2 May 1839
[Heber C. Kimball] Joins family in Quincy, Illinois. (6)

-- 1839 May 4
The church votes to remove both William Smith and Orson Hyde from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. (7)

-- May 4, 1839
[Quorum of the Twelve] William Smith and Orson Hyde removed from the Quorum by vote of the church. (8)

-- 1839, May 9-10
Joseph Smith moved from Quincy to Commerce (later renamed Nauvoo), IL. (9)

-- 1839 May 9
Joseph Smith moves to Nauvoo, Illinois. (7)

-- 1839 May 9-10
[Joseph Smith] Moved from Quincy to log home in Commerce. (1)

-- May 10, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Commerce, Illinois. Joseph Smith moved his family into a small log house purchased from Hugh White. (10)

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