LDS History, November 18, 1838

-- November 18, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Richmond, Missouri. All of the witnesses Joseph Smith and his brethren requested for their trial (between 40 and 50 persons) were arrested, thrown in prison, and prohibited from testifying. (1)
-- 23-28 Nov. 1838
[Lucy Mack Smith] At the Richmond judicial proceeding, presided over by Judge Austin A. King, of the eighty arrested by General John B. Clark at Far West, fifty-three are taken to court. Joseph, Hyrum, Lyman Wight, Caleb Baldwin, Alexander McRae, and Sidney Rigdon are sent to Liberty Jail; Parley P. Pratt, Morris Phelps, Luman Gibbs, Darwin Chase, and Norman Shearer are jailed at Richmond. The others are released. (2)
-- 1838 November 28
Joseph and Hyrum Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Lyman Wight, Caleb Baldwin, and Alexander McRae are ordered to the jail in Liberty, Clay County; Parley P. Pratt, Morris Phelps, Luman Gibbs, Darwin Chase, and Norman Shearer are retained in the Richmond jail. The remaining 19 are released or allowed release on bail. (3)
-- November 29, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Richmond, Missouri. After being abused and enduring an unjust hearing, Joseph Smith and five of the other brethren were committed to Liberty Jail in Liberty, Missouri, by Judge Austin A. King. (1)
-- 1838 November 29
[Joseph Smith] Ordered bound over for trial in Daviess County for treason and other charges. (4)
-- about November 30, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smith and five other brethren were en route to Liberty Jail. (1)
-- 1838, December 1
Joseph Smith and others imprisoned, Liberty Jail, Liberty, Clay Co., MO. (5)
-- 1838 1 December
Joseph Smith and others moved to Liberty Jail. (6)
-- 1838, December 1
The Prophet Joseph Smith and others imprisoned in Liberty Jail, Liberty, Clay County, Missouri (see D&C 121-23). (7)
-- about December 1, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Far West, Missouri. Heber C. Kimball and Alanson Ripley were appointed by the brethren in Far West, Missouri, to visit Joseph Smith and the others in Liberty Jail as often as circumstances would permit. (1)
-- December 1, 1838
[Joseph Smith] Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to his wife, Emma Smith, announcing that he and his fellow prisoners were admitted to Liberty Jail. (1)
-- December 1, 1838-April 16, 1839
[Joseph Smith] Joseph is imprisoned at Liberty Jail. (8)
-- 1838 December 1
[Joseph Smith] Incarcerated, Liberty, Clay County. (4)

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