LDS History, 1969 January

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- During 1969 January
Two-month language training missions began. Language training for missionaries prior to their departure to their mission field first began during the early 1960s for Spanish, Portuguese and German language missions. (1)

-- During January 1969
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs at President Richard M. Nixon's inauguration. (2)

[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] The choir performs at the inauguration of President Richard M. Nixon. (3)

-- Jul 20, 1969
U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon when he descended from the lunar module Eagle; he was followed 18 minutes later by Edwin Aldrin, pilot of the lunar module. (1)

-- Aug 3, 1969-8
First World Conference on Records held, Salt Lake City. (4)

-- 1969 3-8 August
World Conference on Records hosted in Salt Lake City. (5)

-- Nov 1, 1969
The Southeast Asia Mission formally opened with headquarters in Singapore. In January 1970, the first missionaries were sent to Indonesia, which was part of the mission. (1)

-- 1969
Church Membership at end of year: 2,807,456
New Converts : 123,383
Percent Change from previous year: 4.60% (6)

A non-profit organization, Public Broadcasting Service, is formed serving nationwide public television stations. (2)

By this date, Bonneville International owns six radio stations. (2)

The Internet is invented as four host computers are connected together into the initial ARPANET. (2)

[Joseph Smith] Upon hearing news of Johnson's work in Ghana and others in Africa, President David O. McKay petitions the Lord to lift the ban on blacks receiving the priesthood. He is denied. It is not until 1978 that the ban is lifted. (7)

[Lucy Mack Smith] The RLDS church reprints its 1912 edition of Biographical Sketches. (8)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology

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