LDS History, Jan 1, 1964

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-- Jan 1, 1964
[Utah Defense Industry] Utah General Depot (UGD) received its eighth name, Defense Depot Ogden, on January 1, 1964. At the time of its construction during World War II, it was the largest quartermaster depot in the United States, and an indispensable and permanent link in the Army's supply system. The main duties of UGD were to furnish the western states with all their nonperishable subsistence items. With the outbreak of the Korean War, receipts and shipments jumped proportionately. As during World War II, the Depot also assisted in training military personnel for the Korean campaign. Defense Depot Ogden continues to remain one of the largest supply depots in the United States. (1)

-- Jan 14, 1964
[Media] Church subsidiary Wasatch Radio & Television Company purchases KIRO-TV and KIRO-AM/FM in Seattle (Gordon B. Hinckley named as a director). Its broadcasting interests now include three properties: KSL, KIRO, and WRUL. (RadioTelevision) (2)

-- Jan 28, 1964
Temple Square and the Lion House in Salt Lake City were recognized as National Historic Landmarks by the federal government. (3)

-- During 1964 January
A new program of home teaching, replacing ward teaching, was officially inaugurated throughout the Church after having been presented in stake conferences during the last half of 1963. (3)

Ward priesthood executive committees and correlation councils are formed; home teaching program replaced ward teaching. (4)

-- Feb 08, 1964
[U.S. Religious History] Congress debated an amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1963 which would have removed the protection of prohibitions against religious discrimination from atheists. Proposed by Ohio Republican John Ashbrook, the amendment read: " shall not be an unlawful employment practice for an employer to refuse to hire and employ any person because of said persons' atheistic practices and beliefs." The amendment was passed by the House of Representatives, 137-98, but it failed to pass the Senate. (5)

-- Mar 12, 1964
[U.S. Religious History] Malcolm X resigned from the Nation of Islam. (5)

-- During 1964 March
Two LDS schools were opened in Chile, one in Santiago and the other in Vina del Mar. During the early 1970s, the Church opened an elementary school in Paraguay, one in Bolivia and one in Peru. (3)

-- Apr 26, 1964
The first meetinghouse in Asia was dedicated for the Tokyo North Branch in Japan. (3)

[Media] First Asian meetinghouse dedicated in Tokyo. (2)

-- During 1964 April
The Mormon Pavilion opened at the New York World's Fair. The Church also built elaborate pavilions for subsequent expositions in San Antonio, Texas (1968); Japan (1970); and Spokane, Wash. (1974). (3)

Church hosted a pavilion at New York World's Fair. (4)

-- Jun 12, 1964
[Media] Bonneville International Corporation (BIC) created to consolidate Church-owned commercial broadcasting stations and operations—founding president is Arch L. Madsen. (RadioTelevision) (2)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology

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