LDS History, Nov 7, 1963

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- Nov 7, 1963
James A. Cullimore dedicates the Londonderry Chapel, the First Chapel in Ireland. (1)

-- Nov 24, 1963
[Media] The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs on the nationwide radio broadcast for the memorial service of President John F. Kennedy. (MusicRadio) (2)

-- 1963
Church Membership at end of year: 2,117,451
New Converts : 151,665
Percent Change from previous year: 7.72% (3)

-- During 1963 December
Church storage vaults for records in Little Cottonwood Canyon were completed. They were dedicated on June 22, 1966. (4)

Construction of Granite Mountain Record Vault completed. (5)

-- During 1963
[Copper Mining] Copper production reached a high point during World War II, and Puerto Ricans were imported to help augment the labor shortage in Bingham Canyon. The Bingham mine is said to have produced one-third of the copper used by the Allies during the war. By the year 1963, Bingham had produced approximately 8 million tons of metal. In was at that time Kennecott decided upon an expansion project at the mine--the town of Bingham, as well as the town of Lark, was dismantled to make way for improvements. (6)

Church membership reached 2 million. (7)

Church membership reached 2 million (see Growth). (5)

Missionary Language Institute changed to Language Training Mission (see Missionary Training Centers). (5)

[Hugh B. Brown] He became a member of the Council of the Twelve in 1958, and Counselor to and then Second Counselor in the First Presidency in 1961, becoming First Counselor in 1963. His record of earlier service, his effective writings and sermons, and his long friendship and ideological affinity with LDS Church President David O. McKay probably accounted for his rapid advancement in the church hierarchy. McKay's failing health and his own policy differences within the church leadership later weakened Brown's influence, though his popularity remained great. (8)

[Media] Church membership: 2,000,000. (2)

-- During 1963-1971
[Periodicals] Liahona, The; Indian Committee Salt Lake City, Utah (for American Indians) (Periodical) (9)

-- During 1963
[Utah] Flaming Gorge Recreation Area recognized (is turned over to the U.S. Forest Service in 1968). (10)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology

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