LDS History, 1971 January

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- During 1971 January
Church periodicals consolidated into the Ensign, New Era, and Friend. (1)

-- During January 1971
The Ensign (official magazine of the Church), a merging of the Improvement Era, Instructor, and the Relief Society Magazine first published with Doyle L. Green as editor. (2)

The Friend (formerly the Children's Friend, and official children's magazine of the Church) first published with Lucile Reading as editor. (2)

The New Era (official youth magazine of the Church) first published with Brian K. Kelley as managing editor. (2)

-- During 1971
[U.S. Religious History] Jerry Falwell established the Lynchburg Baptist College, later renamed the Liberty Baptist College. (3)

-- Feb 1, 1971
Bonneville Broadcast Consultants is organized in New Jersey. This entity was set up to market --Beautiful Music satellite programming to stations. The entity later called Bonneville Broadcasting System and its purpose was to install satellite receivers for various clients. (2)

-- Jun 8, 1971
[Joseph Smith] The Genesis Group is formed. It becomes an official church auxiliary dedicated to serving the needs of black members, who cannot hold the priesthood at this time. (4)

-- Jun 29, 1971
Gordon B. Hinckley named president and chairman of executive committee, Deseret News Publishing Company. (2)

-- During 1971 July
Health missionary program began; it was later expanded to Welfare Services missionary program. (1)

-- Aug 27, 1971-29
The first area conference of the Church was held in Manchester, England. Before the program of holding large area conferences ended in 1980, 63 were held throughout the world. (5)

-- 1971 27-29 August
First area conference held in Manchester, England. (1)

-- During 1971 September
All LDS women were automatically enrolled as members of the Relief Society; dues were eliminated. (5)

-- Nov 1, 1971
[Joseph Smith] Elder Richard L. Evans dies. (4)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology

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