LDS History, Apr 19, 1997-21

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- Apr 19, 1997-21
The commemorative Mormon Trail Wagon Train, which the worldwide public would view as the centerpiece of the sesquicentennial observance of the Mormon Pioneer trek, left from two locations, Council Bluffs, Iowa, on April 19, and Winter Quarters (Omaha), Neb., on April 21. The two contingents would later merge. (1)

-- Apr 21, 1997-22 July
Re-creation of pioneer trek of 1847. (2)

-- May 8, 1997-17
President Hinckley toured the South Pacific nations of New Zealand and Australia, speaking 15 times in seven cities to a total of more than 55,000 members. (1)

-- 1997 8-17 May
[Hinckley] Toured New Zealand and Australia and spoke to a total of more than 55,000 people (3)

-- May 28, 1997
[Hinckley] Dedicated new nine-story headquarters building for the Deseret News in Salt Lake City (3)

-- Jun 1, 1997
A letter from the First Presidency announced significant modifications to the curriculum and gospel study program for the Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society, providing a similar meeting and instruction schedule for both organizations. (1)

The St. Louis, Missouri, Temple is dedicated and becomes the Church's 50th operating temple. (4)

[Hinckley] Dedicated St. Louis Missouri Temple (3)

St. Louis Missouri Temple; Location: Town and Country, Missouri, USA; Announcement: 29 December 1990; Dedication: 1 June 1997 by Gordon B. Hinckley; Style: Classic modern, single-spire design (5)

-- Jun 5, 1997
[Hinckley] Spoke at graduation ceremonies for 100-year-old Juárez Academy in the Church colonies of Juárez, Mexico (3)

-- Jun 15, 1997
The 100th stake in the Church's Pacific Area, the Suva Fiji North Stake, was created. (1)

-- Jun 23, 1997
[U.S. Religious History] Governor Fob James of Alabama claimed in a Federal District Court that the religion clauses of the First Amendment do not apply to the states and, hence, cannot be used to find any state laws unconstitutional. (6)

-- Jul 22, 1997
After 93 days on the trail, the commemorative Mormon Trail Wagon Train from Winter Quarters, Neb., entered Salt Lake City, where they were greeted by about 50,000 cheering people at This Is the Place State Park. There, they heard an address by President Hinckley. (1)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology