LDS History, Jan 8, 1995

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-- Jan 8, 1995
Bountiful Utah Temple; Location: Bountiful, Utah, USA; Announcement: 6 April 1991; Dedication: 8 January 1995 by Howard W. Hunter; Style: Classic modern, single-spire design - designed by Allen B. Erekson (1)

-- Jan 21, 1995
The Church reached 9 million members.March 3 â€" President Hunter died at his Salt Lake City home after serving as Church president for less than nine months, the shortest tenure of any president. (2)

On This Day, The worldwide Church membership count reaches nine million. (3)

-- Mar 3, 1995
Howard W. Hunter, fourteenth President of the Church, dies. (4)

President Howard W. Hunter dies after serving only nine months as president. Gordon B. Hinckley becomes his successor. (5)

[Utah] Howard Hunter (87), US leader of Mormon Church (1994-95), died. (6)

-- Mar 12, 1995 - 10 August 2007
[1st Presidency Changes] Gordon B. Hinckley Thomas S. Monson James E. Faust Reorganization of First Presidency after death of Howard W. Hunter (7)

-- Mar 12, 1995
President Gordon B. Hinckley was ordained and set apart as the 15th president of the Church. Set apart as his counselors were President Thomas S. Monson, first counselor, and President James E. Faust, second counselor. (2)

Gordon B. Hinckley is ordained and set apart as Fifteenth President of the Church. Thomas S. Monson and James E. Faust are his Counselors, and Elder Boyd K. Packer as Acting President of the Twelve. (3)

President Gordon B. Hinckley is set apart as President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (5)

[Quorum of the Twelve] The First Presidency is reorganized, with Gordon B. Hinckley President, Thomas S. Monson First Counselor, and James E. Faust Second Counselor. Thomas S. Monson becomes President of the Quorum, with Boyd K. Packer as Acting President of the Quorum. (8)

[Thomas S. Monson] Set apart as first counselor in First Presidency to President Gordon B. Hinckley. (9)

[Utah] Gordon B. Hinckley (1910-2008), a grandson of Mormon pioneers, took over as president and prophet of the Mormon church. (6)

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