LDS History, January 1996

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-- During January 1996
[U.S. Religious History] The American Baptist Church of the West expelled four San Francisco Bay congregations for welcoming homosexuals and not teaching that homosexual activity is a sin. (1)

-- Feb 25, 1996
The proportion of Church members living outside United States surpasses 50%. (2)

-- Feb 28, 1996
A milestone was reached as a majority of members, 4,720,000, lived outside the United States, compared to 4,719,000 living within. (3)

More than half of 9.4 million Saints now lived outside the United States. (4)

-- Mar 10, 1996
Gordon B. Hinckley interviewed a second time by CBS‘s Mike Wallace. (2)

-- Apr 6, 1996
President Gordon B. Hinckley announced at general conference that a new assembly hall four times the size of the Tabernacle would be built. (3)

[Hinckley] Announced construction of a new meeting hall in Salt Lake City that would hold three to four times more people than Salt Lake Tabernacle (5)

-- Apr 7, 1996
60 Minutes interview of Gordon B. Hinckley by Mike Wallace telecast. (4)

Profile of President Hinckley and the Church aired on 60 Minutes. It reached ―at least forty million people and attracted immediate global attention. (2)

[Hinckley] Interviewed by Mike Wallace of CBS-"s 60 Minutes (5)

-- Apr 15, 1996
[U.S. Religious History] Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska, excommunicated all Catholics in his diocese who continued to belong to organizations which he deemed "perilous to the Catholic faith" - organizations like Planned Parenthood and Call to Action. (1)

-- Apr 22, 1996
[Hinckley] Dedicated David O. McKay Events Center at Utah Valley State College in Provo, Utah " (5)

-- During April 1996
[U.S. Religious History] Delegates at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church voted down a proposal to eliminate language in church law that declares homosexuality to be "incompatible with Christian teaching." (1)

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