LDS History, Dec 18, 1995

LDS History Chronology /Timeline

-- Dec 18, 1995
Gordon B. Hinckley interviewed by Mike Wallace on CBS‘s ―60 Minutes. (1)

-- Dec 20, 1995
[Hinckley] Announced new logo design for the name of the Church (2)

-- Dec 23, 1995
The Church announces a new Logo for the name of the Church, focusing the design more prominently on the name of Jesus Christ. (3)

-- 1995
Church Membership at end of year: 9,338,859
New Converts : 314,491
Percent Change from previous year: 3.48% (4)

-- During December 1995
The Church News goes online at (1)

-- During 1995
-1998 (February) Church broadcasts worldwide missionary firesides. (1)

As of this date, 85% of Church membership lives in the Western Hemisphere. (1)

By the end of this year, there are 47 operating temples, 23 of which are outside the U.S. . (1)

Church broadcasts fireside presentations aimed at introducing the gospel for the fifth year in a row. The 1995 satellite presentation was broadcast to more than 3,000 locations in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. For the first time, the broadcast was also telecast in Spanish and French. (1)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Lyndon Cook's Grandin Press in Orem, Utah, issues the third photomechanical reproduction of the 1853 edition with the type enlarged to 140 percent of the original. (5)

[Utah] Salt Lake City is announced as the site for the 2002 Winter Olympics. (6)

-- Jan 18, 1996
Church announced that general authorities would be withdrawn from boards of corporate businesses. (7)

-- Jan 23, 1996
The US Army disclosed that it had 30,000 tons of chemical weapons stored in Utah, Alabama, Maryland, Kentucky, Indiana, Arkansas, Colorado and Oregon. (8)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology