Lorenzo Snow, 22 December 1898

-- 22 December 1898
[Death of child] Death of Child Lydia May Snow (mother: Mary Elizabeth Houtz) (1)

-- Dec 23, 1898
At 4 o'clock this afternoon Brother John M. Cannon came to the President's Office and made explanations to President [Lorenzo] Snow respecting the Sterling mine. During the conversation upon the subject, the idea was suggested to President Snow to appoint a committee of seven to investigate and report as to the connection existing between the Sterling Mining Company and the Church, with a view to ascertaining how much of that company's indebtedness attaches to the Church and how much to individuals, if any. Presidents [George Q.] Cannon and [Joseph F.] Smith acquiesced in the proposition, and President Snow appointed as the committee the first seven of the Apostles from President [Franklin D.] Richards down, in the order of their ordination. Pres[iden]t [Lorenzo] Snow spoke confidentially to me about "Sterling Mine" Affairs and about Pres[iden]t John Taylors condition the 1st month of his life & Some incidents of the Same. He, his two Counselors, & John M. Cannon have an hour of serious investigation of "Sterling Mine business". (2)

1 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorenzo_Snow#Wives_and_children
2 - Journal History; Franklin D. Richards, Diary

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