Lorenzo Snow, Monday, Dec 26, 1898

-- Monday, Dec 26, 1898
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

My wife Sarah F. and I went to the Theatre. Lorenzo Snow said to me and Brigham Young today that he had no confidence in Geo. Q. Cannon. (1)

-- Dec 27, 1898; Tuesday
At 7 A.M. called to see President Lorenzo Snow, at his residence #37 Canyon Road. He received me very kindly. We chatted about polygamy. Pres[ident] Snow said, if there has been any marriages since the Manifesto I do not know it, but I can assure you there will be no more until the Lord reveals it direct. Also conversed on financial condition of the Church, saying the Church owed One Million and one half. Pres[ident] Snow said it was a great trial to him, as he was not an advocate of the Church Speculating or going in debt, and they should not with his consent. (2)

-- Dec 28, 1898; Wednesday
Elder B. H. Roberts came to the Presidents' office and stated that he had been called upon by a special correspondent of the New York World, who had invited him to use the columns of that paper in whatever defence he might have to make against the efforts of the Presbyterians to prevent him from getting his seat in Congress. Brother Roberts said that up to this time he had studiously remained silent, but it had now become a question whether he should not take advantage of this offer to tell his side of the story. During the conversation that ensued President [Lorenzo] Snow told Brother Roberts that he regarded this as a very important matter, and felt that the Lord had design in relation to it which he would bring about. The President felt that the Lord would sustain Brother Roberts in the position he was now in, as he himself sustained him.

A representative of the New York World has telegraphed its correspondent here to invite President Snow to make a signed statement in answer to certain charges made and broadly circulated by the Presbyterian Board of Missions, to the effect that the Mormon Church excused and encouraged the practice of polygamy. The telegram was handed to Elder C[harles]. W. Penrose to draft a reply.

The First Presidency appropriated the sum of $400 in favor of Elder William Budge, president of Bear Lake [Idaho/Utah] Stake, as a special appropriation on account of services during the past year. (3)

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2 - J. Golden Kimball, Diary
3 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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