Lorenzo Snow, Nov 7, 1898; Monday

-- Nov 7, 1898; Monday
At a Deseret News meeting held at the President's Office, at 11 o'clock this morning, and attended by Pres[iden]ts. Lorenzo Snow and Geo[rge]. Q. Cannon, Franklin D. Richards, Angus M. Cannon, Jos[eph]. W. Summerhays and James Jack, the local political situation was talked over in an informal way, and the general expression of the Directors named was that the News should be strictly non-partisan, and not mix up in any manner with the local political fight now going on. Pres[ident]. Snow, who was not present when this talk began, but joined the directors later, said upon the same subject, to which his attention was drawn, that if he could have his way, the Deseret News should be

strictly non-partisan. He had friends in both or in all parties, and he wanted the News to take such a course that members of all parties would have perfect confidence in it. This view was taken by all present. (1)

-- Nov 10, 1898; Thursday
Pres[ident] Lorenzo Snow said that the Presidency had decided on Bro[ther] Cha[rle]s W Penrose as Editor of the Deseret News. Bro[ther] John Henry Smith asked the question whether it would not be a wise thing to discontinue the publication of the a daily newspaper and the starting of a weekly wide awake religious paper. He would be pleased to try and take the paper and turn it into the Republican organ. The fact is that in my opinion a weekly paper can be made a financial success and a grand one, but I doubt making a success of a daily paper a success. Pres[ident] [Joseph F.] Smith was unqualified in his approval of keeping up a live active daily church newspaper. Pres[iden]t [Franklin D.] Richards favored making the News alive wide awake paper second to none. Nothing should be published to offend any political organization. Said Bro[ther] [George Q.] Cannon was editing a paper representing 1,00,000 Sunday Schools and Bro[ther] Smith thousands of young men and he felt that Pres[iden]t Snow should stand at the head of the News. ... hoped to see the paper a credit to the church ... Bro[ther] [Francis M.] Lyman said if Bro[ther] Penrose was made editor it will be claimed that the paper was Democratic. ... Chat

with Pres[iden]t Snow and he promised me he would be neutral on the question of who should be U.S. Senator from Utah. (2)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes
2 - Heber J. Grant, Diary

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