Lorenzo Snow, Oct 10, 1898

-- Oct 10, 1898
Lorenzo Snow is "set apart" (NOT ordained) as church president, and his counselors are also set apart. This is first time that members of Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are set apart for service in First Presidency. Rudger Clawson is ordained apostle, first convicted felon to becom member of Quorum of Twelve. (1)

-- Oct 11, 1898; Tuesday
As I was leaving the Temple spoke to Pres[iden]t [Lorenzo] Snow in company with Pres[iden]t F[ranklin] D Richards and Elder Brigham Young [Jr.] about Brother Cha[rle]s W. Penrose going out to do some political talking with Judge [Robert W.] Baskin and he said he had no objections. Called and saw Jos[eph] L. Rawlins and made an appointment to meet Pres[iden]t Lorenzo Snow this afternoon at the President's home. Called and had a talk on political affairs with Ja[me]s H. Moyle. Rec[eive]d a telegram from Spencer Clawson informing me that Claflin & Co[mpany] will renew the 40,000 due from the Church for 4 mo[nth]s. Pres[ident] Snow said he did not see what else we could do but accept the offer of renewal as the Church can not make payment of the 40,000. At 3 PM attended a meeting of the Executive committee of the Utah Sugar Co[mpany].

At 3.20 had an interview with Pres[iden]t Snow at his home in company with Senator Jos[eph]. L. Rawlins. The Senator assured Pres[iden]t Snow that in case Bro[ther] B. H. Roberts was elected to Congress that there was in his opinion no danger whatever but what he would secure his seat. He was sure there was not the slightest danger of a contest being for a moment entertained. Said he would do all in his power to aid Bro[ther] Roberts at Washington [D.C.] in case he is elected. Pres[iden]t. Snow said that he did not have the least desire as the Pres[iden]t of the "Mormon" Church to dictate any of its members how they should vote, and expressed it as his opinion that it would be a very unwise thing for Roberts to withdraw and said even if his party should get him to do so that it would be charged to the Church. Expressed pleasure at having met the Senator.

As Senator Rawlins was leaving he told Pres[iden]t Snow that he would take pleasure in doing anything he could for him at Washington [D.C.]. Pres[iden]t. Snow gave the Senator his assurance that there was no new plural marriage being solemnized and none should be. Senator Rawlins explained that he had never expected existing relations to be interfered with and he was sure this was the feeling at Washington.

I am very much pleased indeed at the result of the conversation between Pres[iden]t Snow and Mr Rawlins. ... (2)

1 - On This Day in Mormon History, http://onthisdayinmormonhistory.blogspot.com
2 - Heber J. Grant, Diary

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