Lorenzo Snow, Oct 29, 1898

-- Oct 29, 1898
Snow opposes plural marriage

President Cannon says Prest Snow had decided that Plural marriages must cease throughout the entire Church and that was absolute and affected Mexico as well as elsewhere ( Quinn, LDS, p 68 quoting Juarez Stake High Council Minutes ). President Snow almost always opposed plural marriages, but administratively it was very tough to stop. (1)

-- Nov 3, 1898
Eleven A.M. Meeting of the First Presidency and Apostles at the Salt Lake Temple: Present: Pres[iden]ts. Lorenzo Snow, Geo[rge]. Q. Cannon, Jos[eph]. F. Smith, and Franklin D. Richards; Elders Brigham Young [Jr.], F[rancis]. M. Lyman, Geo[rge]. Teasdale, H[eber]. J. Grant, M[atthias]. F. Cowley, A[braham]. O[wen]. Woodruff and Rudger Clawson. Pres[iden]t. Snow brought the subject of the Sevier [Utah] Stake Tabernacle before the Council for consideration, and mentioned the visit that had been made by Pres[iden]t. [William H.] Seegmiller, Bishop Brandley and Architect Peterson to the Presidency since the building was destroyed by fire. He stated that Bro[ther]. Seegmiller had asked the privilege of going beyond his Stake jurisdiction to solicit contributions towards the re-erection of the Tabernacle, and had also asked that the Church assist them in the undertaking. Pres[iden]t. Snow referred to the heavy load under which the people of Ogden and Cache Valley [Utah] were groaning in consequence of the erection of costly buildings, and said that to him it looked as if the time had come when we ought to get along with cheaper and less commodious structures until our financial circumstances improved. He favored rendering all the help that the Church could consistently, in this and all other cases, provided a burden of debt could not be incurred.

... Pres[iden]t. Snow did not think a motion necessary expressive of the sentiment of the Council regarding this matter, and therefore called for the next business. ... (2)

1 - Tungate, Mel, Mormon Polygamy, http://www.tungate.com/polygamy.htm
2 - Journal History

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