Lorenzo Snow, Jun 15, 1899

-- Jun 15, 1899
Special Solemn Assembly in Salt Lake Temple-- Salt Lake City.

This was the official call by the First Presidency of a "Solemn Assembly of the Holy Priesthood" for July 2, 1899 to sustain the revelation on tithing which had been received by President Snow in May, 1899.

Some measure of the importance in which the First Presidency held the revelation on tithing is to be found in the fact that this special "Solemn Assembly" and Fast Day was called to ratify or sustain it. The fact that this was done rather than waiting to have it sustained by vote of the General Conference in October is not without significance.

A CALL by the First Presidency.

Office of The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Salt Lake City, Utah, June 15th, 1899.

Prests. Simpson M. Molen and Isaac Smith, Logan.


A Solemn Assembly of the Holy Priesthood, consisting of the First Presidency, Apostles, First Seven Presidents of Seventies, Presiding Patriarch, Presiding Bishopric, Presidents of Stakes and their Counselors, and Bishops of Wards will convene in the Salt Lake Temple next Fast Day, July 2nd, at 10 o'clock a.m.

Please notify the Bishops of our Stake of this meeting, and send us the names as soon as possible, of those who will attend, including those of yourselves.


P. S. A special rate will be made by the railroads. {1899-June 15-Circular letter, Church Historian's Library,} (1)

Apostle John Henry Smith writes: "The President, Lorenzo Snow, gave my son George A[lbert Smith -- later president of the church] and wife Lucy E. W. their second Endowments today. I laid hands on with him." (2)

-- Friday, Jun 16, 1899
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

I paid Dr. R. B. Pratt $2.50 for two pair of glasses.

President Lorenzo Snow has called a solemn Assembly of the Apostles, Presiding Patriarch, and Seven Presidents of the Seventies, Presidency of Stake and Bishops of the Church to meet on July 2nd.

Bp. Scanlan and Father Youman of the Catholic Church called upon President Snow. (3)

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