Lorenzo Snow, May 2, 1899; Tuesday

-- May 2, 1899; Tuesday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the Office. Dr. James E. Talmage called and had a long talk with President Snow on the subjects of philosophy, religion and science. Brother Talmage expects to go to Europe again, and President Snow offered to assist him in the sum of $300. Brother Talmage suggested the idea of his preparing the manuscript for a book on the subject of evolution, with the understanding that he was not to show the manuscript to any person until he had first submitted it to the Presidency. President Snow acquiesced in the suggestion.

Governor Heber M. Wells, accompanied by Brothers James Sharp and Spencer Clawson, called upon the Presidency, the object being to borrow some money for the purpose of completing the Brigham Young Monument. President Snow offered to advance the sum of $300, if that would aid them. The offer was accepted. ... (1)

-- May 4, 1899
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] Thursday. Logan. I wrote to President Snow for $3,000.00 due me on Church books' back account to assist me in building. (2)

-- Thursday, May 4, 1899
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Clear and cool. 11 a.m. Meeting of the brethren at the temple. Present: Presidents Lorenzo Snow and Jos. F. Smith, Pres. F. D. Richards, and Apostles B. Young, Jr., F. M. Lyman, Geo. Teasdale, A. H. Lund, R. Clawson, and A. O. Woodruff, [and Heber J. Grant].

Pres. Snow stated a trip by the Presidency and some members of the Twelve through the southern settlements to St. George was in contemplation, the party to leave about June 1, 1899. A letter from W. W. Cluff, Pres. Summit Stake, inviting the Presidency to be present at the dedication of the Summit Stake Tabernacle, was read, [to be held on] May 14 and 15. Pres. Snow said he thought likely he would be able to accept the invitation.

Apostle Teasdale reported his visit to the Bannock Stake Conference and said the following changes had been effected: Clarence Eldredge was ordained a high priest and set apart as 2d counselor to Pres. [Lewis S.] Pond; Alma E. Hubbard ordained a high priest and set apart as bishop of Grace Ward; Peter J. Williams set apart as bishop of Hatch Ward; Wm. Ansel Hatch set apart as 1st counselor to Bp. Williams and Alma Hogan 2d counselor to Bp. Williams; Rufus Voscoe Call 2d coun. to Pres. [J. W.] Hubbard of [stake] Y.M.M.I.A.; Ira Call resigned and Christian Nielsen was transferred from 2d to 1st coun. to Pres. Hubbard; Heber Carlos Loveland ordained a high priest and set apart as 2d counselor to Bp. [Judson A.] Tolman of Chesterfield.

Pres. [John W.] Hess of the Davis [Stake] recommended (by letter) Nelson [Melvin] H. Randall as Bp. of Centerville to succeed Bp. [Aaron B.] Porter resigned. Recommendation sustained.

Apostle Teasdale referred to the case of Chas. Higginson, who seduced his wife [Charlotte Muir] before marriage, not confessing his transgression until after the child was born, when he offered to marry her which he did and was forgiven. Outside of this affair, he was exemplary. Subsequently, he took a mission and while absent his wife was corrupted by two men. She was excommunicated. She pled for forgiveness and he forgave her and took her back. This gave offense to the people of his ward. The question that agitated the minds of the bishopric at present was as to the propriety of receiving her into the church. Bro. Teasdale thought that, if she were truly penitent, she should be given a standing in the church.

Apostle H. J. Grant reported his recent trip to San Francisco, where [he] attended some meetings of the saints. At one of the meetings, Elder [Ephraim H.] Nye, president of the [California] Mission, was the principal speaker and in the course of his remarks criticized the views and tenets of the Christian denominations rather too strongly—a policy, he thought, that would have a tendency to antagonize the stranger against us. He found the mission, he said, in a prosperous condition. Speaking of the Salt Lake Tribune, which is vilifying the our [sic] people, he thought [it] a disgrace for the saints to patronize it.

The question of the attitude of the Deseret News toward the Tribune was discussed. It was the feeling of the brethren that Editor Penrose was a little too pugnacious—and that the better policy would be to treat that paper with silent contempt. Pres. Snow intimated that he would have a talk with Bro. Penrose respecting the matter.

It was decided by unanimous vote that the second choice of the brethren for the government building, should there be a failure in getting the [Deseret] News corner, would be the old city hall corner, and, if necessary, $10,000 would be appropriated by the church to locate it on that site. Benediction by Pres. Jos. F. Smith. (3)

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