Lorenzo Snow, May 08, 1899

-- May 08, 1899
At a conference in St. George, Utah, President Lorenzo Snow announces a renewed emphasis on the payment of tithing, which members have been neglecting for some time, stating, "The time has now come for every Latter-day Saint . . . to do the will of the Lord and pay his tithing in full" (in James R. Clark, Messages of the First Presidency, 3:312). (1)

-- May 9, 1899; Tuesday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office. President Snow, with President Smith and Bishop [William B.] Preston, arranged this morning a program for a trip to St. George [Utah]. He decided to leave here next Monday evening, going direct to St. George, and visiting the settlements on his way back to Salt Lake City.

Brother Alfred Budge called and had a talk with Presidents Snow and Smith regarding the property matter (referred to before in this journal) between his father, President William Budge, of Bear Lake [Idaho/Utah] Stake, and a Brother Wilcox. He represented that the latter was taking such a course as would preclude his father from any rights whatever in the property he had acquired (once owned by Wilcox) and was determined to wrest the property from President Budge and place it in the hands of non-Mormons,

notwithstanding that President Budge was willing to pay as much for it as anybody else. The plea of Brother Wilcox, when he presented his case at the President's Office, was that if he could control his farm once more he could make enough out of it to save his home, and Brother Budge, being requested to give him that opportunity, consented to do so. It was now decided that a telegram, signed by President Franklin D. Richards, Chairman of the Apostles' Committee, who investigated the matter he sent to Brother Wilcox, requesting him to confine himself to this understanding, otherwise President Budge would be at liberty to hold the property himself.

The sum of $25 was appropriated to pay for a message received by cable from Samoa. (2)

-- May 11, 1899; Thursday
At 11 A.M. the regular council meeting took place at the Temple. Present: Presidents Lorenzo Snow, Joseph F. Smith and Franklin D. Richards; Apostles Francis M. Lyman, Geroge Teasdale, Heber J. Grant, Anthon H. Lund and Abraham O[wen]. Woodruff.

At letter was read from Pres[iden]t. George Q. Cannon, dated at Washington D.C., on the 6th inst., reporting progress in the work of securing the Federal building for the News corner. The letter was very encouraging.

A letter was read from Elder John M. Baxter, President of Woodruff [Wyoming/Utah] Stake, asking advice regarding the purchase of the paper called "The Roundup", published by a Gentile at Woodruff, Utah. Brothers Lyman and Woodruff had just returned from that part and had advised that the people there, instead of undertaking to run an independent paper, subscribe for the Deseret News. This advice was approved and adopted by the Council. ...

A request was submitted from prominent Catholics of Salt Lake City, asking the use of the Tabernacle for religious purposes, to enable an eminent Priest of that Church to speak to a large body of people. Brother Grant was authorized to place the Tabernacle at their disposal for one or two days.

Brother Grant brought up the matter of Brother Leonard G. Hardy's indebtedness to the Church, and stated that he had collected about $1,500 on that account. He suggested that this amount be paid on Brother Hardy's home, which is mortgaged for $3,500, with a view to getting a better price for the property than the sum represented by this obligation. He therefore offered the amount collected to go upon Brother Hardy's debt to the Church. The matter was left to the First Presidency. ...

The sum of $118.30 was appropriated in favor of P. C. Jasperson, a compositor on the Swedish paper "Bikuben". This brother compromised for this amount--which was paid to him half in cash and half in produce--for what was coming to him from the Deseret News Publishing Company. (2)

1 - The Woodland Institute 'On This Day Historical Database,' http://www.woodlandinstitute.com
2 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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