Lorenzo Snow, Nov 3, 1899; Friday

-- Nov 3, 1899; Friday
President Lorenzo Snow was at the office, where he met a Mr. Smith, a correspondent of the Cincinnati Times, who was introduced by Brother C[harles]. W. Penrose. Mr. Smith is here for the purpose of writing up what is called the [B. H.] Roberts case, and the chief point he desired to interview President Snow upon, was the attitude of the Church towards Roberts. President Snow told the gentleman that the Church had nothing whatever to do with the election of Roberts; and he also told him that the Church had ceased to solemnize plural marriages, that none had been performed by the Church, or with its sanction, since he became its President, and would not be. (1)

-- Nov 7, 1899; Tuesday
President Lorenzo Snow was at the office, where he and Bishop William B. Preston considered the advisability of purchasing for the Church the President's Office from the Brigham Young Trust Company, to which the property belongs. It was thought by them that it would only be a question of time when the Church would buy the Lion House as well, and utilize the building for the Bishop's Office. It is the intention, when the Deseret News gets in to its new building, to take down

the old News buildings and the old Tithing House. (1)

-- Nov 8, 1899; Wednesday
President Lorenzo Snow was at the office. Brother Jesse Knight called, he having been asked to do so. It was decided some time ago that the Church should give up the land near the coal and iron mines at Cedar City [Utah], and not continue to make payments thereon. After this conclusion had been reached it was learned that Brother Knight was interesting himself in those mines, and it was thought that he might be willing to take the land secured by the Church and pay what had been advanced upon it. To learn Brother Knight's mind upon this point was the purpose in requesting him to make his present visit. He was not favorable to the proposition.

Brother William Armstrong called. He with Brother Silver and Brother Giaque had been to Pelican Point and examined the onyx claims there. It was his judgment that no more money should be expended upon the property, unless for the purpose of getting it patented, and he recommended that only two or three of the claims be patented. The Utah Onyx Company was working a claim in that region and had expended a good deal of money. Brother Armstrong's idea was to watch the results of their experiment. If they succeeded the Church might develop its patented claims, and if they failed it could let the enterprise alone. If the Church could now get the money for the claims which it had put into them, he advised that it sell. Brother Armstrong had not expressed his views to Brother Silver and Brother Giaque, expecting that they would make their own report. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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