Lorenzo Snow, Oct 20, 1899; Friday

-- Oct 20, 1899; Friday
President Lorenzo Snow was at the office; President [George Q.] Cannon still in the East; President [Joseph F.] Smith absent on account of sickness in his family.

President Snow had a call this morning from Arthur Pratt, representing the Republican City Committee. On behalf of his party he asked the President that the Deseret News be strictly non-partisan in tone during the campaign preceding the coming election. (1)

-- Oct 20, 1899
Tithing properties-Legal status-- Salt Lake City, Utah.

The constant change of personnel in the lay leadership program of the L.D.S. Church raised legal questions as to the proper conveyance of Church property by Bishops and Stake Presidents to their successors. The problem had probably been further complicated as a result of the escheatment of L.D.S. Church property to the federal government under the Edmunds-Tucker Act some years before.

Office of The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Salt Lake City, Utah, October 20, 1899.


The Presiding Bishopric have been recently making efforts to ascertain the legal status of the tithing properties of the several stakes and wards of Zion, and from reports already received it is learned that some of the titles have not been properly conveyed, others have not been secured and a great many are more or less defective.

In discussing the best methods of perfecting and transferring unsecured titles; also seeing that all future titles are promptly and properly conveyed, we have concluded that this can best he done by the Stake Presidencies themselves giving it their personal attention.

We have requested the Presiding Bishopric to continue their labors in this direction, and to communicate with you in detail in this business; and we trust that you will find it convenient to give their communications prompt and careful attention.

We are, with kind regards, Your Brethren, LORENZO SNOW, GEORGE Q. CANNON, JOSEPH F. SMITH. {1899-October 20-Circular letter, Church Historian's Library,} (2)

-- Oct 21, 1899; Saturday
President Lorenzo Snow was at the office, where he received a morning call from Elder Angus M. Cannon, President of Salt Lake Stake, who informed him that President George Q. Cannon was prostrate with pneumonia in New York City. This news came by telegram last night to President Cannon's family.

Brother Samuel Thatcher, of Logan [Utah], called upon President Snow. He had recently married a woman who was not a member of the Church, and was living with her, notwithstanding that he had had a wife (since dead) sealed to him under the covenant of the priesthood. His Bishop (Brother Lewis) had refused to give him a transfer to another Ward, as being in full fellowship without the case being stated to the President of the Church. President Snow, after some conversation with Brother Thatcher, who signified his willingness to make amends, wrote to Bishop Lewis, asking him to permit Brother Thatcher to appear before the Ward priesthood meeting, confess his error, and ask to

be forgiven. This done, and forgiveness granted, he would be entitled to the desired certificate. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes
2 - Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)

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