Lorenzo Snow, Oct 7, 1899 (Saturday)

-- Oct 7, 1899 (Saturday)
Charles Mostyn Owen filed a complaint against Pres. Lorenzo Snow, charging him with unlawful cohabitation, but on the 13th the county attorney of Salt Lake County refused to prosecute on the ground of insufficient evidence to convict. (1)

-- Oct 7, 1899
Snow has baby by polygamous wife

An anti-Mormon filed a legal complaint against President Snow for unlawful cohabitation with Minnie J. Snow due to the birth of their child. Minnie was a plural wife of President Snow. ( Quinn, LDS, p 69 ) (2)

-- Sunday, Oct 8, 1899
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

The papers contain the information tha[t] Prest. Lorenzo Snow has been accused of Unlawfull Cohabitation by a Charles M. Owen.

Geo. Q. Cannon presented all of the General Authoraries.

Joseph W. McMurrin spoke on proper preparation for mission work.

Prest. Joseph F. Smith gave us a splendid discourse on our duties in the church. Prest. Geo. Q. Cannon spoke on consistency in Prayer.

An overflow meeting was held in the Assembly hall and the room was full.

At the Tabernacle in the evening the Sunday School held a Jubilee. 17 languages were represented.

The spirit of the Conference has been of the best. (3)

-- Oct 8, 1899
[Brigham Young Jr.] [In Chicago, Illinois:] Pres[ident]. [William F.] McKinley came last night put up at the Auditorium Annex Hotel. Mr. Rhorer sent me word I could see him at 8.30. Drove to hotel Waited half hour Mr. R[horer]. came introduced me to several gentlemen, and Pres[ident's]. Sec[retary]. Mr. [blank] soon procured me interview with Pres[ident] McKinley, which was wholly private and lasted 2 m. He spoke in high terms of Mr. Lorenzo Snow[;] was cordial with me. (4)

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