Lorenzo Snow, Nov 23, 1899

-- Nov 23, 1899
Salt Lake Temple 11 A.M. Present: Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon, Joseph F. Smith, Brigham Young [Jr.], John Henry Smith, Heber J. Grant, Anthon H. Lund, Matthias F. Cowley, and Rudger Clawson. Absent: Franklin D. Richards, sick at home; Francis M. Lyman, on a trip south; George Teasdale, attending a funeral; M[arriner]. W[ood]. Merrill, at Logan [Utah]; A[braham]. O[wen]. Woodruff, on his way south; and John W. Taylor, absent by leave, evading arrest for unlawful cohabitation.

The hymn beginning "O My Father", was sung, and prayer was offered by Brother Rudger Clawson; prayer circle being omitted this time, as there were not enough present prepared to clothe.

A letter was read from Attorney Samuel R. Thurman, giving an account of the trial of Elder Jesse W. Crosby Jr., for adultery. Brother Thurman, who was the defendant's attorney, said that he took it upon himself to explain matters, and his explanation, went to show the entire innocence of Brother Crosby in this case.

Brother John Henry Smith moved that Brother Lyman, during his travels south, investigate the Crosby case from a Church standpoint.

President Cannon did not think that this should be done after Brother Crosby had been tried in the civil courts, and he therefore moved that Brother Thurman's letter be accepted as conclusive testimony of Brother Crosby's innocence. The motion was seconded by President Joseph F. Smith and Brother M[atthias]. F. Cowley. It was also shown that Brother Lyman had gone into the case already and had reported his belief in the entire innocence of Brother Crosby.

The motion was then put and carried unanimously. ...

Brother Cowley reported his visit to the Northwestern States Mission, winding up at Butte, Montana, last Sunday. At the conference there twenty-three Elders were present and reported their labors. He was very favorably impressed with the work that is being done in that mission. Some of the towns were very hard places to labor in, and he had advised Brother [Franklin S.] Bramwell, who presides there, to take the elders away from such places.

President Cannon suggested, and it was seconded by several of the brethren and carried, that Brother Bramwell be officially instructed not to have the Elders labor month after month in places among people who manifest no desire whatever to receive the Gospel. The sentiment of the Council was that this instruction should apply to other fields of labor as well.

An informal discussion of the [B. H.] Roberts case, then took place. President Snow expressed his feelings as follows. He hoped that Brother Roberts would have from two to four hours before the house of Representatives, as he believed the Lord would inspire him on that occasion, and that broad-minded people everywhere would be favorably impressed with his presentation of his own case. "After that", said the President, "I don't care what is done, that is, whether he retains his seat or not".

Met in Temple. did not have my clothes so not enough present. we did not dress. Had long talk on "obeying the law." Concluded to let the spirit direct us in counciling brethren what to do. We must not council men to disobey the Law, but separate their families to other states etc. is my feeling. Truly I am a good christian and follow their example in that I always send away one wife before I take an other never having two women at once.

Had a talk with Pres[iden]t. Jos[eph]. F. Smith on private matters. (1)

-- Nov 24, 1899; Friday
Presidents Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith were at the office, where they received a call from and had a conversation with Judge [George C.] Bartch. The figures showing the number of polygamists, members of the Church, within the confines of the United States, in 1890, when President [Wilford] Woodruff's manifesto was issued, and the decrease since that time, through death, divorce, and removal to other countries, was given to the Judge. (2)

1 - Journal History; Brigham Young Jr., Diary; Benjamin Cluff Jr., Diary
2 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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