Lorenzo Snow, 1900. April 8

-- 1900. April 8
(Reed Smoot) : Called to the Quorum of the Twelve by Lorenzo Snow after the death of Franklin D. Richards. (1)

-- Monday, Apr 9, 1999
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

Priesthood meeting at 10 a.m. Prayer by Reed Smoot.

Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon, Heber J. Grant, Francis M. Lyman, George Teasdale, and Wm. B. Preston spoke upon the law of tithing.

All of the Presidency but Joseph F. Smith and all of the Apostles but John W. Taylor met at the President's office. Reed Smoot was ordained an Apostle under the hands of his brethren, President Lorenzo Snow being mouth, Edward Partridge and Geo. F. Gibbs being present. (2)

[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Snowing. 10 a.m. Meeting at the assembly hall of the general authorities of the church, the presidency of stakes, the bishopric of ward[s], and others, Pres. Snow presiding.

Pres. Snow explained that the object of the meeting was not so much to preach as to transact business. The authorities present are called to positions of high importance, and said he, "I love you, but that love will not prevent me from telling you your duty." You must not go into debt. The church is bound to get out of debt, and is bound to have a revenue of thousands and millions of dollars. For what purpose will this revenue be used? To buy up the land of Zion (Jackson County). In order to get out of debt the church, collectively and individually, will have to study and practice economy. Spoke of the improvement in the financial condition of the church. We have reduced the annual interest on the church indebtedness about $3000 a month or $36,000 a year. Spoke regarding second anointings. This blessing is not only intended for the aged, but also for younger men. We are afraid, however, that presidents of stakes do not exercise sufficient care in regard to this matter. The

privilege should only be given to those who have been tried and tested, being full of integrity and not likely to fall away. In reference to non-tithe-payers, he said we cannot receive them into our temples; and if bishops send people to the temple who have not paid tithing and we find it out, we will send them back and have the bishops reported. Said that the land of Zion could only be sanctified by the paying of tithing.

Pres. Cannon spoke in relation to the care that should be exercised by bishops in selecting men for missions to the world. Dwelt upon the subject of debt and said that presidents of stakes and bishops of wards should be careful and wise in regard to the matter of laying burdens on the people. Said the Church Chronology should be patronized.

I made remarks on the subject of record keeping and the new forms of ward records and recommend blanks; also upon the subject of "Record Day." Apostle Teasdale said a few words in relation to the book of non-tithe-payers. Apostle Lyman spoke briefly on the matter of record keeping. Bp. [William B.] Preston remarked that there were some errors in the book of non-tithe-payers, and, therefore, the list would be sent back to the bishops for revision and correction, and that proper reasons might be set forth why people did not pay tithing.

At 2 p.m. I attended a meeting of the Twelve and presidents of missions. The object of the meeting was to discuss the best methods of doing missionary work, also of meeting mission expenses. Much useful information was brought out. It was decided to hold other meetings of a similar nature in the future.

I omitted to record that on Monday, April the 9th, 1900, there was a meeting at the President's office of the Presidency and Twelve. Present: Presidents Snow and Cannon, Apostles B. Young, F. M. Lyman, J. H. Smith, Geo. Teasdale, M. W. Merrill, A. H. Lund, M. F. Cowley, A. O. Woodruff, R. Clawson, and Reed Smoot; also H. J. Grant. The Presidency and Apostles then laid their hands upon the head of Elder Reed Smoot and ordained him an apostle in the quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Pres. Lorenzo Snow being mouth. (3)

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