Lorenzo Snow, Apr 27, 1900; Friday

-- Apr 27, 1900; Friday
President [Lorenzo] Snow was at the office, President [Joseph F.] Smith also. President Snow authorized the surrender to Elder Heber J. Grant of an I.O.U. given by him in 1893 for $2,000. as a donation for the Salt Lake Temple. At that time special donations were called for for the purpose of completing the Temple. Elder Grant donated $3,000. for himself and family; and the year after paid $1,000 of that amount but soon after the financial panic came and he lost all the means he had and was left greatly in debt. On the 16th of March last he paid another $500. on his note and then President Snow voluntarily told Elder Grant that as his circumstances were not in the best shape he would surrender the I.O.U.

President Canute Peterson of Sanpete [Utah] wrote some little time ago to the effect that the board of trustees of the Sanpete Stake Academy intended to change the name of their school with a view of doing away with the idea that the patronage of the school is supposed to be confined to Sanpete county or Stake, and in the hope of getting leading men of other stakes interested in it. He stated that the board would like the permission of naming the school The Lorenzo Snow Academy. President Snow took the matter under advisement feeling disinclined to have his name used at all, but on the urgent request of other brethren to day had the following written to President Peterson:

In answer to yours asking President Snow's permission that your Academy be called after his name, namely "The Lorenzo Snow Academy," I am directed to say that while the President does not like to decline the honor you thus desire to confer upon him, he does not feel that he can permit his name, as suggested, to be given to it, but is willing that it be called "The Snow Academy," and thus divide the honor between his deceased friend and brother, Erastus, and himself and hopes this will meet your mind and that of your board,

Yours &c, George F. Gibbs, Sec[retar]y. (1)

-- May 3, 1900; Thursday
President [Lorenzo] Snow was in Brigham City [Utah] today, President [Georeg Q.] Cannon had not returned home from Texas and Mexico therefore President [Joseph F.] Smith was the only member of the Presidency at the office today.

At 11 o'clock President Smith, Elders Brigham Young [Jr.], F[rancis]. M. Lyman, George Teasdale, Heber J. Grant, Anthon H. Lund, Rudger Clawson and Reed Smoot were in council meeting in the Temple. ...

After the brethren reassembled a letter from Platte D. Lyman, dated Liverpool [England] 13th ult. was read conveying the information that a chapel at Bristol [England] could be purchased for one hundred and sixty pounds, and it being in every way

suitable for our purposes the elders and saints at Bristol were desirous of securing it, and they make the following proposition: That the Church advance the money for the building, and the brethren and saints pay rent for it at the rate of twenty-five pounds a year until the original cost is repaid to the Church, who will retain title, allowing the saints to occupy it rent free on payment of ground rent (five pounds a year and such necessary expenses as water rates, repairs, etc.)

On motion of Elder Heber J. Grant it became the sense of the Council that recommendation be made to President Snow that the house be purchased by the Church on the terms proposed.

Elder Anthon H. Lund now reported that a building and grounds on one of the fashionable thoroughfares in Copenhagen [Denmark] can be purchased for $11,000, but that it would take $5,000. to enlarge it and make upstair offices; a fund of $3,400. had already been subscribed towards the purchase of a meeting house in Copenhagen by local Scandinavians and that amount was now in the bank, and he suggested that the Scandinavian Mission be permitted to use its tithing for the present year, as well as what can be raised among the Scandinavians here, and with the means thus raised he believed the property could be secured and nearly paid for.

It was moved by Elder Brigham Young and seconded by Brother Lyman that the Council recommend to President Snow that the tithing of the mission be allowed for this purpose for the present year. Carried.

The Scofield [Utah] mine disaster became the subject for consideration. President Smith remarked that two or three of the Apostles ought to look after the interests and necessities of the bereaved of our people and attend the funeral services. This suggestion met the mind of the brethren and Elders Teasdale, Grant and Smoot were appointed and consented to act as a committee for this purpose. ... (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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