Lorenzo Snow, Mar 13, 1900; Tuesday

-- Mar 13, 1900; Tuesday
All three members of the First Presidency were at the office today. A cash order for $1,500. was issued today in favor of the Brigham Young College. This amount was drawn a few days ago by Bishop [William B.] Preston by consent

of President [Lorenzo] Snow.

Bishop [Hiram B.] Clawson and Elder John Henry Smith met with President Snow this morning. The Bishop had just returned from Washington [D.C.] and stated that the President of the United States and quite a number of the prominent senators felt very friendly towards the Latter-day Saints, and the State of Utah.

The sum of $143.30 was appropriated in favor of the Fairfield meeting house, Southern States mission. This amount was the amount of tithing paid by the Saints of that place last year.

It had been under consideration for some time to appoint a committee to whom Church literature about to be published could be referred for revision. Brother [James E.] Talmage has been revising the Pearl of Great Price, arranging it into chapters and verses, and it was thought that a committee should be appointed to sit with him in making his report. A standing committee was now appointed, consisting of Francis M. Lyman, Anthon H. Lund and George Reynolds, to whom Elder James E. Talmage was referred.

In the afternoon a meeting of the Grass Creek Coal Co[mpany]. directors was held at the President's office.

Presidents [George Q.] Cannon and [Joseph F.] Smith conferred with President Snow about purchasing the capital stock of N[ephi]. W. Clayton in the Saltair Beach Company, and the President consented to do so for $5,000. On account of the change recently made in the management of the railroad and beach companies, thus relieving Brother Clayton of those positions, he desired the Church to purchase of him his stock, which was done at his own figure. (1)

-- Mar 14, 1900; Wednesday
President [Lorenzo] Snow, [George Q.] Cannon and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office. Presidents George C. and William C. Parkinson, of Oneida [Idaho], accompanied by their father, S. R. Parkinson called at the office and set forth a matter of difficulty existing between them, Moses Thatcher and others, growing out of a union of commercial interests at Franklin, Idaho, going to show that Brother S. R. Parkinson and his son Frank were the victims of a conspiracy to rob them out of their just share of this commercial union. Elders John Henry Smith and Anthon H. Lund were also present during the conversation. After hearing the matter thoroughly, and having learned from these brethren that they preferred an adjustment of their case by a church tribunal, as all the parties were members of the Church, it was decided, on motion of President Cannon, that in view of all the brethren interested in this difficulty living in four different stakes, the case be referred for trial to the High Council of the Cache [Utah] Stake, with the understanding that each party interested be inquired of as to what he has to say about this arrangement. This met the approval of the Parkinson brothers.

While in the office, Brothers George C. and William C. Parkinson set forth the needs of the Oneida [Idaho] Stake Academy, and the necessity of closing its doors unless help were forthcoming. The Academy was now $2,000. in debt, and the burden

was too great for the people to carry. They received no help from the Church last year, and one year's experience has satisfied them that the school cannot be carried on without assistance; and Brother Parkinson told President Snow that if the Church were unable to help them, it was his best judgment that rather than continue the burden upon the people its doors should be closed as a church school, and the building might be used in connection with the public schools system.

President Snow expressed himself in the language of the Scripture, The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. He regretted very much that as trustee-in-trust he did not feel himself able to render the school the assistance it deserves, but when he realized the financial condition of the Church and was brought face to face with the many calls upon him for urgent and legitimate assistance, he longed for the day when financial freedom should come to the Church, so that he could be free to bestow help where needed. President Snow, however, told Brother Parkinson not to close the school, but to wait a little while as he intended to see what could be done by way of helping other schools in the same condition as theirs; and they left in the hope that help would yet be received.

$20 was appropriated to assist the Boys of the Latter-day Saints College to help them fit out a gymnasium in connection with the school. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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