Lorenzo Snow, Apr 25, 1900; Wednesday

-- Apr 25, 1900; Wednesday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office. Dr. Seymour B. Young came to the office this morning, having just returned from Houston, Texas. He brought word that President [George Q.] Cannon and Elder John Henry Smith had gone from Houston to the city of Mexico and would be in Salt Lake City in about ten days.

Bishop [Robert C.] Knell of Pinto ward, accompanied by Elder Don Robbins, called bearing from President D[aniel]. D. McArthur and David H. Cannon, the following letter:

"Bishop Robert C. Knell of Pinto ward has come to day to consult us about the disposal of the water rights of the settlers of the town of Pinto to a mining syndicate, whose agents have sought for the option on those rights, and which option is to

mature October next. For of the owners of the water rights of the settlement, who are in possession of a majority of the stock have agreed to sell. Two of these have agreed to sell unconditionally, and the other two on the approval of the First Presidency. Bishop Knell informs us that the general feeling of the settlers is to sell, there being but two or three opposed. The aggregate amount asked by the settlers is $88,000. The sale, if consummated, will of course vacate the town so far as our people are concerned. In view of the majority being anxious to sell and in view of encouraging the investment of further capital in the iron mining industries of the region adjacent to Pinto, the presidency of the Stake do not interpose any objection to the minority of the water owners joining the majority, if the First Presidency of the Church approve, and the purchase price be satisfactory to the settlers. This letter will be handed to Bishop Knell to be submitted to you for such action as you may consider best for all concerned."

These brethren now stated that although these options were given, most of them were given subject to the approval of the Presidency; but Brother Robbins stated that bona fide options covering about one half of the water rights had been given unconditionally and that they were in his possession. They also stated that a few of the old settlers were opposed to leaving the place without permission, as they felt that a mission had been given them to settle it.

The Presidency told these brethren to call in the afternoon when they would be prepared to give them a definite answer. When the brethren called President Snow stated that he had no objection to the people selling their water rights and by doing so abandoning the settlement. The reason for this decision was that most of the settlers were anxious to sell and they had virtually expressed their opinions in giving options on the water rights, and therefore it would be best to let the settlers have their own way in the matter. (1)

-- Apr 26, 1900; Thursday
At 11 o'clock the authorities met in council meeting in the Salt Lake Temple. There were present Presidents Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith, Brigham Young [Jr.], George Teasdale, Heber J. Grant, Matthias F. Cowley, Rudger Clawson, Anthon H. Lund and Reed Smoot. ...

At the President's office in the afternoon, $200. was appropriated in favor of the Juab [Utah] Stake Academy, for the purpose of paying an old debt. Some time ago a similar amount was paid for the same purpose.

On December 22, 1896, the late First Presidency appropriated $5,000. to assist the people of St. Johns [Arizona] in the construction of a reservoir. They used half of this amount when a sudden feeling of discouragement came over the people and fearing that this would result in a virtual abandonment of the place the Stake Presidency did not feel justified in using the balance of that amount. Since the late visit to that place of Elders Heber J. Grant and Rudger Clawson, one half of the tithing of the Stake was appropriated to assist in the completion of the reservoir and

their Academy building; but it is found that this means could not be made available before the fall of the year, and President Snow today authorized the issuance of an order for $2,500. the balance of the appropriation of the late First Presidency, to be used for the canal and academy purposes. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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