Lorenzo Snow, Monday, Feb 12, 1999

-- Monday, Feb 12, 1999
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Washington, D.C.

It rained all day. I got to see Mr. Jesse Overstreet and found him cold and stiff. Bp. H. B. Clawson and I went to the National Theatre in the evening. Primrose and Co. gave a good entertainment.

We mailed to President Lorenzo Snow all of the Resolutions introduced into the House of Representatives proposing to amend the Constitution of the United States in regard to Polygamy and Polygamous Cohabitation. jhsd

-- Feb 14, 1900; Wednesday
Presidents [Lorenzo] Snow,

[George Q.] Cannon and [Joseph F.] Smith were at the office. At 11 o'clock a directors meeting of the Salt Lake and Los Angeles R[ailwa]y. was held. There were present George Q. Cannon, Joseph F. Smith, James Jack and Attorney F[ranklin]. S. Richards. At the Meeting President Snow was made a director in place of the late President Wilford Woodruff and L. John Nuttall was made a director in the place of Nephi W. Clayton, resigned, William G. McMillan was elected secretary and treasurer in place of Isaac Clayton, resigned.

Attorney Franklin S. Richards had a talk with the Presidency and set forth the schemes of a man named Lamson, who is endeavoring to appropriate Utah Lake waters belonging to the city, which will involve a lawsuit. The object of Attorney Richards was to get the Presidency to see the injustice of Lamson's scheme and get the Deseret News to defend the interests of the city in the impending suit. FirstPresidencyandQuorumoftheTwelveminutes

-- Tuesday, Feb 20, 1999
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

I called upon Prest. Lorenzo Snow. He was pleased to see me.

He told me there were two brethren of the Hedrekite church wanted to form a combination with us and the Reorganized Church to build a Temple at Independence, Mo. jhsd

-- Feb 20, 1999
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill Diary] Tuesday. Richmond. I received word from President Snow to be in Salt Lake City tomorrow to attend an important meeting with the First Presidency at 10 a. m. I left by buggy for Logan at 10 a. m. after arranging for putting up some stoves in my new house on Meadow Farm ready for my family when they come from Franklin on Thursday, February 22nd, 1900. It snowed hard this morning. On arriving in Logan and before I left for Salt Lake I bought 50 yards of homemade carpet from the Tithing Office to be sent to my new house on Meadow Farm, Richmond, for $23.80 coupons (50c for 26 yards and 45c for 24 yards). merrill


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