Lorenzo Snow, Jul 7, 1901

-- Jul 7, 1901
Lorenzo Snow presides at Salt Lake Temple's monthly fast meeting, "and Sister Lillie T. Freeze sang in tongues." (1)

-- Tuesday, Jul 9, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Clear and warm. 10 a.m. I attended a meeting of the board of directors of the Utah Light and Power Co.

11 a.m. Quarterly conference of the Twelve. I came in late on account of the other meeting. Present: B. Young, Geo. Teasdale, H. J. Grant, A. H. Lund, A. O. Woodruff, R. Clawson, and Reed Smoot.

Some discussion was indulged in regarding Saltair, with reference particularly to the selling of beer at that resort. It was moved and carried that it be the sense of the meeting that the brethren of the Twelve are opposed to the selling of beer at Saltair.

Apostle Reed Smoot moved that it shall become the duty of the Twelve to instruct the presidents of stakes, and through them the bishops of wards, to interrogate young people who go to the temple to get married and ascertain, if possible, whether in any case they have committed themselves, and in such event to deny them the privilege of going into [the] house of the Lord. Carried. Benediction by Apostle H. J. Grant.

In the afternoon accompanied by Lydia, I went to the lake, it being Relief Society day. A short program was given consisting of prayer by Apostle B. Young, music by the band, address by Pres. Lorenzo Snow, music, benediction by myself. We went in bathing and afterwards sat down to a nice lunch prepared by the Relief Society officers. In the evening we attended a reception, given by Bp. Millen Atwood of the Sugar House Ward, to the Japanese missionaries. (2)

-- Jul 9, 1901; Tuesday
President Lorenzo Snow went to Saltair and met with the Relief Society. His son Le Roi C. Snow read his father's speech to those assembled. (3)

-- Thursday, Jul 11, 1901
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

All of the Apostles met fasting.

At 11 a.m. Presidents Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith joined us. We only had prayer and Joseph F. Smith was mouth. H. J. Grant talked against selling Beer at Saltair and the President L. Snow said nothing could be done at the present in regard to that matter. I was mouth in blessing the Sacrament. President Lorenzo Snow made a nice talk and made some nice promises to H. J. Grant in Regard to sons. (4)

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