Lorenzo Snow, May 2, 1901; Thursday

-- May 2, 1901; Thursday
President Lorenzo Snow instructed the quorum of Apostles to preach tithing until all non-tithe payers were converted. ... (1)

-- May 02, 1901
President Lorenzo Snow instructs members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to preach tithing until all non-tithe payers are converted. (2)

-- Friday, May 3, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Raining, with heavy storm during night. I worked on the Utah Coal Co. books with a view to final closing, as the business has been sold to a man by the name of A. L. Williams. I worked out the following estimate, showing when the Church indebtedness would be entirely liquidated:

Church indebtedness


Average yearly revenue of the church in excess of expense in conducting its affairs

$ 600,000.00

Conservative amount to be set aside from the church revenues to apply on indebtedness, as follows, to wit:

Amount now in reserve











It will be seen that if the church has a margin of $600,000.00 over and above expenses to use for general purposes, the application of $300,000.00 a year to church indebtedness is a conservative estimate. I, therefore, assured President Snow that, if he should live until the close of 1904, he would see the church free from every obligation. He was very much gratified with the statement and remarked that, if he were living at that time and the church were free from the bondage of debt, there would most assuredly be a big jubilation in the temple.

It has been raining hard all day, greatly to the satisfaction of all who are engaged upon the farm and garden. Lydia has been suffering much pain of late from the lump in her breast caused by a cold and a kick by one of the children. We called in Dr. [Charles F.] Wilcox during the day, and he gave it as his opinion that the swelling would gather and break and thus bring relief. We hope so, as all fear of cancer will then be removed. (3)

-- May 8, 1901
At a meeting in the Salt Lake Temple. President Lorenzo Snow says that every man who had wives ought to have a thousand dollars of income for each of them. On motion of H. J. Grant, Pres. Jos. F. S. was allowed that amount, (4)

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