Lorenzo Snow, Sep 9, 1901; Monday

-- Sep 9, 1901; Monday
Brother George F. Gibbs came to the office this morning, having returned from Bear Lake last night, where he went on an outing on the 30th of August last. President [Lorenzo] Snow came in from Saltair on Friday last, the weather being unfavorable to his remaining there any longer.

Mr. O'Meara of this city (Salt Lake) brought a large number of Catholic friends to the President's office and introduced them to President Snow. They were chiefly from Denver, and their visit to Salt Lake City was to organize a Catholic society, which they did yesterday. President Snow tendered them free transportation to Saltair which they accepted. (1)

-- Sep 12, 1901; Thursday
Manager Horace G. Whitney of the Deseret News had a talk with President [Lorenzo] Snow this morning about renting the upper floors of the new News building to the Oregon Shortline people. He was authorized to inform them that they could have the three upper floors, with vault accommodations for $10,000 per year.

The Presidency and Apostles met in council in the Temple this morning where President Snow presided. Brother [John W.] Taylor reported having attended the Pocatello [Idaho] Stake conference. He found the people quite discouraged on account of a poor harvest this fall. Quite a number spoke to him about moving from there. Elder Brigham Young [Jr.] reported his visit to San Juan [Utah/Colorado] Stake conference held at Monticello [Utah]. The people of Bluff [Utah] and Monticello now owned the flour mill which they asked the Church some time ago to purchase; and the feeling of unrest and the desire to move away seems to have disappeared, and he believes that the people will now settle down and make a permanent home at Bluff. He said that they now acknowledged the fact that if the Church had bought the mill as they requested the place would most likely have been abandoned; but now they feel like holding on to it. The circumstances of the people too were quite prosperous.

Brother Young said he had been approached by the Durango Bank people about our people purchasing the Canal near Mancos [Colorado] which is said to have cost $200,000. The people who own it are dissatisfied and restless and want to sell out.

Bishop [William B.] Preston, accompanied by Elders Reed Smoot and George H. Brimhall, met President Snow in regard to the proportion of cash paid to the teachers of the Brigham Young Academy. They are now receiving one third in cash; it was decided that two thirds be paid them hereafter. (1)

1 - First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes

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