Lorenzo Snow, Wednesday, Jun 12, 1901

-- Wednesday, Jun 12, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Cloudy and cool. 9:50 a.m. Accompanied by Lydia and mother, I left by train for Ogden to attend a reunion of the leading authorities of the Weber Stake of Zion, arriving at 11 a.m. We were driven to the 5th Ward meeting house. Present on the stand: Presidents Lorenzo Snow and J. F. Smith, Apostles Geo. Teasdale, A. H. Lund, and myself, Patriarch Jno. Smith, and the presidency of the stake, Pres. [Lewis W.] Shurtliff presiding.


Address of welcome, Pres. Shurtliff. Response, Pres. L. Snow. Topics treated. L. S[now]. Expressed pleasure in being present. Spoke of visiting Ogden in the year 1849, and upon inquiry ascertained that there were only 5 (4 brethren and 1 sister) in the congregation who were here at that time. Addressing the audience he said, "Where will you be in 50 years hence?" Many of you will be in Jackson County and at that time, if not before, you will be looking for Jesus to come for he will be very near. Trials will come to you, but for every trial, every sacrifice, every suffering you will receive four-fold in reward. No man can receive a fullness of glory unless he has suffered a portion of bitterness. Said that Patriarch Joseph Smith [Sr.] in blessing him many years ago made use of this expression: "You shall be great, just as great as you want to be, as great as God himself, and you will not wish to be any greater than that." This truth was revealed to him later by the Spirit

of the Lord, namely, that "as man now is God once was, as God now is man may be." [President Snow] Testified to having received the Holy Ghost at the time of his conversion. It came as the rustling of silken garments and rested upon him and filled his whole being. Through the Holy Ghost he received a knowledge of the Father in Heaven and of Jesus, His son, and also that the Father and Son had spoken to Joseph Smith, the prophet. Admonished those present to live that they might be privileged to receive their second anointings. Quoted the saying of Paul, the apostle: "Let that same mind be in you as was in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God" [cf. Philippians 2:5-6]. Urged the saints before him to strive to become like God. Referred to his incarceration in the Utah penitentiary for 11 months.

1 p.m. Banquet in the amusement hall adjoining the meeting house. There were three long tables loaded with the bounties of nature in great variety. Blessing was pronounced by Patriarch Jno. Smith. About 250 people were seated at the table, and, while eating, sweet music was discoursed by the orchestra, and a young lady sang, "Hard Times Come Again No More," with accompaniment by all present.

At the close of the meal I was called upon to give an after-dinner speech. I referred to those present as watchmen upon the towers of Zion and said, "Great is your responsibility, great will be your anxiety, great will be your labors, great will be your trials, but great also will be your reward." I referred to the imprisonment of President Snow in the "Pen" for conscience sake and related an incident that occurred while he was there, namely, the giving of the sacred shout by the brethren, led by President Snow, that which was probably never done in a prison before and which may never be done again. In conclusion, taking up a cup of warm water diluted with milk, I drank to the health, prosperity, and success of President L. W. Shurtliff, his counselors, the high council, the bishopric[s] of the wards, and all the authorities of the Weber Stake present.

At this juncture Pres. Snow arose and said that he felt that it would be appropriate and acceptable to the Lord to give the sacred shout upon this occasion, whereupon all arose, and led by Pres. Snow, raised their voices in a mighty shout of Hosanna to God and the Lamb. Apostle A. H. Lund followed with brief remarks. (1)

-- Thursday, Jun 13, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Cloudy and cool; heavy rain storm during night. 11 a.m. Meeting of the brethren at the President's office instead of the temple. Present: Presidents Lorenzo Snow and Jos. F. Smith, and Apostles Geo. Teasdale, H. J. Grant, M. W. Merrill, A. H. Lund, R. Clawson, Reed Smoot, and G. F. Gibbs, clerk. Song, "Glory to God on High." Prayer by Pres. L. Snow. Song, "O Say, What Is Truth?"

Quarterly conference appointments: St. George Stake, A. O. Woodruff and M. F. Cowley; Morgan, A. H. Lund; Salt Lake Stake, R. Clawson and Pres. J. F. Smith. Apostle Reed Smoot reported that the American Fork Ward was in a deplorable condition, spiritually, because of neglect and incapacity of the present bishop [William D. Robinson]. Upon motion of myself, it was decided to reorganize the bishopric of said ward.

I reported my visit last Sunday and Monday to Pocatello, and while in attendance at the conference there, I set apart Noah S. Pond as 1st counselor to Pres. W. A. Hyde, Henry S. Woodland as 2nd counselor, N. P. Neilsen and Chas. W. Hill as high councillors, and ordained Wilford Bennion as Bishop of Neeleyville. Before taking my seat, I referred to the matter of non-tithe-payers and felt that some action should be taken relative to those who bear the priesthood, as by experience I had been led to believe that those who rejected the law of tithing, or failed to honor it, were indifferent, generally, to their duties in the church. The question was pretty fully discussed, and though no formal action was taken, it seemed to be the mind of the brethren that while it would be unwise and injudicious at present to relieve men of their priesthood, who failed to observe the law of tithing, it would certainly be proper to call for the resignation of non-tithe-payers, who were officiating in

various prominent positions in the church.

Apostle H. J. Grant was appointed to dedicate the new meeting house, Wilford Ward, Granite Stake. Apostle Lund reported the organization of the Driggs Ward, Teton Basin, under his direction, with Don C. Driggs as bishop.

In answer to a question by Apostle Brigham Young, it was decided by unanimous vote upon motion of Pres. J. F. Smith, that men who were called to the high council should be ordained high priests and set apart as high councillors.

In order to establish uniform procedure throughout the church relative to the manner of blessing the bread and wine in the administration of the sacrament, it was decided that one, and one only--the party officiating--should kneel. Benediction by Apostle B. Young. (1)

1 - Stan Larson (editor), A Ministry of Meetings: The Apostolic diaries of Rudger Clawson, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1993, http://bit.ly/rudgerclawson

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