Lorenzo Snow, Thursday, Jun 20, 1901

-- Thursday, Jun 20, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Clear and warm. 10 a.m. Meeting at the temple. Present: Presidents L. Snow and J. F. Smith, and Apostles B. Young, Geo. Teasdale, H. J. Grant, A. H. Lund, M. F. Cowley, J. W. Taylor, A. O. Woodruff, R. Clawson, Reed Smoot, and G. F. Gibbs, clerk. Apostle A. O. Woodruff was mouth in prayer, and M. F. Cowley in the circle. Song, "Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded."

Quarterly conference appointments: Malad, R. Clawson; Bear Lake, Geo. Teasdale; Davis, H. J. Grant and J. W. Taylor. The clerk read a letter from Pres. Wm. Budge of Bear Lake Stake, in which he recommended Wilford W. Richards for bishop of Georgetown to succeed the present bishop, resigned, and Saml. Hymas as bishop of Sharon, a new ward. The recommendations were adopted by full vote.

A letter from the presidency of the Utah Stake, enclosing a letter from Bp. [Thomas J.] Parmley of Pleasant Valley Ward, was read. The recommendation was made that Scofield be organized into a ward with Jno. E. Ingles as bishop. Adopted and Apostle Reed Smoot [was] instructed to attend to the matter.

Pres. H. S. Gowans of the Tooele Stake recommended that Brother Francis D. St. Joer, late bishop of Clover, be ordained a patriarch, and that Elder Mahonri M. Stookey be ordained bishop of Clover, he having been sustained in that position. Adopted.

An interesting letter from Apostle F. M. Lyman, pres. of the European Mission, was read by the clerk. Apostle A. O. Woodruff reported his visit to St. George and the reorganization of the stake presidency with Ed. Snow as president, and Thos. P. Cottam, 2nd counselor, and that five of the more aged brethren of the high council [were] honorably released and younger men called to succeed them. He recommended the late Pres. [Daniel D.] McArthur for ordination to the office of patriarch.

Pres. Snow said that a question [of] importance relative to educational matters was being agitated and doubtless would soon be discussed by the church board of education, namely, as to whether we should sustain the University of Utah in its work as a university or introduce work in that line into our church schools. In the days of President Woodruff it was thought proper to sustain the University of Utah and confine our church schools to academy work. Our schools certainly could not enlarge their sphere of action without more help from the church financially, than they have been receiving during the past three or four years, and that help cannot be furnished by the church for at least four years when it is hoped and confidently expected that the church will be free from debt. He felt that this is a serious question.

I was appointed by unanimous vote to take charge of the prayer circle presided over by the late Patriarch Alonzo Raleigh. Benediction by Apostle B. Young.

5 p.m. Reception at Pres. Jos. F. Smith's for Apostle H. J. Grant and fellow missionaries to Japan. Present: President Lorenzo Snow, Pres. J. F. Smith, and Apostles B. Young, M. F. Cowley, A. O. Woodruff, A. H. Lund, myself, and wives, the missionaries to Japan, namely, Apostle H. J. Grant, L. A. Kelsch, H. S. Ensign, A. O. Taylor, and wives, Patriarch Jno. Smith, Pres. L. W. Shurtliff of Weber Stake, Jno. McDonald, Jno. J. McClellan, tabernacle organist, and wives, and others.

The following very interesting program was carried out: Remarks, Pres. L. Snow. Topics treated. L. S[now]. Felt in his heart to thank Pres. Smith for the privilege of being in the midst of this company with such a lovely spirit. Brethren and sisters, he said, you are my brethren and sisters in the fullest sense of the word. We lived together in the other life. We should love one another and live together in love. The brethren going to Japan will be greatly and abundantly blessed. The Lord will be with them. God bless and prosper you on your journey; and may you be relieved of persecution such as has attended other missionaries. How grand and lovely is the singing and music in the other world, although I can't imagine that it could be much better than it is in this world. God bless these missionaries, and He will bless them.

Response, Pres. J. F. Smith. Topics treated. J. F. S[mith]. Said he was thankful for the presence of Pres. Snow and the brethren and sisters. We are assembled in the room where our daily prayers are offered up unto the Lord, and in those prayers Pres. Snow, he said, was always remembered. Pointed to a bookcase in the room and remarked that it belonged to his mother in Nauvoo. In this case the penny fund, used to purchase glass for the Nauvoo Temple, was kept.

Pres. Snow again spoke briefly and said that in his family prayers Pres. Smith's name was always mentioned. Pres. Snow arose and said, I desire to bear my testimony. I know that Jesus lives. Many of you who are here tonight will see him, you will see that he is a noble looking man, and you will feel like going to him and shaking hands. When you return to Jackson County and engage in building the temple there, you will see Jesus and be associated with him. I bear this testimony for I know it is true.

It may well be judged from the above program that we had an instructive and enjoyable evening. We were in the society of the blessed and the Spirit of God was abundantly manifested. (1)

-- Jun 20, 1901
During social party at home of second counselor Joseph F. Smith, church president Lorenzo Snow says: "He the Saviour lives and I know it! . . . Many of you will live to go to Jackson Co. and you will see Him there." (2)

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2 - On This Day in Mormon History, http://onthisdayinmormonhistory.blogspot.com

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