LDS History, 1846

-- During 1846
[West] February 6 LDS began exodus from Nauvoo. (1)

[West] July 31 Brannan arrived at San Francisco. (1)

[West] May 13 U.S. Congress declared war on Mexico. (1)

[West] Oregon ceded by Great Britain to the U.S. after 28 years of joint administration. (1)

-- Jan 14, 1847
Brigham Young received revelation regarding organization of Saints for journey west (D&C 136). (2)

Brigham Young receives D&C 136 by way of revelation, which concerns the organization of the westward movement, standards of behavior for the saints, and an explanation on why God allowed Joseph Smith to be killed. (3)

-- Jan 29, 1847
Mormon Battalion completed trek at San Diego, California. (2)

-- During 1847 January
The Mormon Battalion completes the longest march in U.S. Army history, arriving in California. (3)

-- Apr 4, 1847
[Lucy Mack Smith] On the eve of the pioneer camp's departure for the Rocky Mountains, Brigham Young signs a letter "to mother Smith, to let her know that her children in the Gospel have not forgotten her." (4)

-- Apr 5, 1847
Pioneer trek began with first company leaving Winter Quarters under the direction of Brigham Young. (2)

-- Apr 6, 1847
[Lucy Mack Smith] Strang's general conference raises funds to bring John E. Page and Lucy to Voree, Wisconsin. William is back in Voree at this point, and Lucy and the Millikins have moved back to Nauvoo. (4)

-- Apr 7, 1847
[Wilford Woodruff] Leaves Winter Quarters with the first company of pioneers bound for the Salt Lake Valley. (5)

-- Apr 14, 1847
The Pioneers left Winter Quarters for the Rocky Mountains. (6)

-- Apr 26, 1847
[U.S. Religious History] The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod was officially organized. (7)

-- During 1847, April
President Brigham Youngs pioneer company left Winter Quarters on the journey west (see D&C 136). (8)

-- During April 1847
[Heber C. Kimball] Leaves with the pioneers to relocate in the valley of the Great Salt Lake. (9)

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