LDS History, 1847

-- During 1847
[Deseret] The Mormon High Council of Great Salt Lake City authorized James Brown to purchase Fort Buenaventura from Goodyear for $1,950. The fort, the outbuildings, and all of the animals except Goodyear's horses became Mormon property. (1)

[Deseret] Brigham Young and the Mormons arrive at the Great Salt Lake (2)

[Deseret] Migrating with the Ira Eldredge Company, Isaac and Jane Manning James and their sons Sylvester and Silas were the first free blacks to settle in Utah. (3)

[Deseret] On January 27 the Mormon Battalion, completed its march across the Southwest, arriving in San Luis Rey, California. (3)

[Deseret] Three African-American slaves, Green Flake, Hark Lay, and Oscar Crosby, come west with the first pioneer company. (3)

-- During 1847-1857
[Deseret] The primary establishment of settlements in Utah marked the founding of the north-south line of settlements from Cache Valley on the Idaho border, along the Wasatch Front and Wasatch Plateau, down to Utah's Dixie on the Arizona border. (3)

-- During 1847
[John Taylor] Returns to Winter Quarters from England. Leads a large company of Saints to Utah, arriving in October. (4)

[OREGON TRAIL] A new destination opens as Brigham Young leads the Mormon Brigade to Utah. The 2000 souls on the trails this year include many non-Mormons bound for Oregon and California. (5)

-- During 1847-1848
[Periodicals] California Star, The; E.P. Jones Yerba Buena (San Francisco), California (News Paper) (6)

-- During 1847
[Utah Statehood] In July 1847 the Mormon pioneers began entering the Salt Lake Valley. After years of persecution in the Midwest they realized the advantages of self-government, but the land they had come to belonged to Mexico. (7)

[West] July 24 First wagon train of LDS arrive in Salt Lake Valley. (8)

-- During 1847 to 1850
[Wilford Woodruff] Fulfills several assignments to help the Saints migrate to Salt Lake City from Winter Quarters and the eastern United States. (9)

-- Jan 24, 1848
[Deseret] nine members of the discharged Mormon Battalion were at Sutter's Mill in California when gold was discovered. (3)

Saints at Sutter's Mill in California when gold was discovered. (10)

-- Feb 2, 1848
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed by the U.S. and Mexico, granting the region of Deseret to the U.S. (11)

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed, which will grant the territory that the Mormons are settling to the United States. (12)

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