LDS History, Mar 1, 1846

-- Mar 1, 1846
[Lucy Mack Smith] William Smith writes James J. Strang a letter of support from the Smith family signed by "Lucy Smith, Mother in Israel," Arthur and Nancy [sic] Milliken, Jenkins and Catherine Salisbury, and Sophronia McLerie. Katharine later denied signing the letter. (1)

-- Mar 8, 1846
Apostle Orson Hyde rebaptizes Luke S. Johnson, a former member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. (2)

-- Mar 10, 1846
[Lucy Mack Smith] Almon Babbitt and Joseph Heywood refuse to give Lucy the deed to her house unless she either promises not to let William enter it or promises to make him support the Twelve. She writes them a scorching letter of rebuke. (1)

-- Mar 11, 1846
[Lucy Mack Smith] William writes again to Strang, describing Lucy as a mother in Israel abandoned by her children and hinting that he would like to attend the Strangite conference if he had funds. (1)

-- Apr 8, 1846
[Lucy Mack Smith] At a public meeting in Nauvoo, Babbitt and Heywood discuss the problem of the deed and imply that Lucy, Emma, and the other Smiths will eventually come west. (1)

-- Apr 24, 1846
Saints encamped at Garden Grove, Iowa. (3)

-- Apr 30, 1846
Nauvoo Temple privately dedicated by Orson Hyde. (3)

-- During Apr. 1846
[Lucy Mack Smith] The church deeds Lucy the Joseph Noble home. She lives here with eight-year-old granddaughter Mary Bailey Smith, Samuel's daughter. (1)

-- During 1846, April to May
[Wilford Woodruff] Returns to Nauvoo and later joins the Saints in their exodus west. (4)

-- May 1, 1846
The Nauvoo Temple is completed and dedicated, despite the majority having already left Nauvoo. (2)

Nauvoo (Destroyed) Temple; Location: Nauvoo, Illinois; Announcement: August 1840; Dedication: 1 May 1846 by Orson Hyde; Style: Greek revival; Notes: Some sources claim a private dedication on 30 April 1846 by Joseph Young. Abandoned in 1846, destroyed by fire on 19 November 1848, rebuilt in 2002 (5)

-- May 11, 1846
[Lucy Mack Smith] William and Lucy both write letters to Reuben Hedlock in England assuring him that Strang is Joseph's rightful successor. (1)

-- May 16, 1846
The Pioneer camp of the Saints arrived at Mount Pisgah, Iowa Territory. (6)

-- Jun 11, 1846
[Lucy Mack Smith] William Smith goes to Voree where his apostolic ordination is accepted and where he is ordained Patriarch of the church. He plans to build a house for Lucy on a contributed lot. He writes again, saying God has confirmed Strang's position by revelation. (1)

-- Jun 14, 1846
Saints encamped at Council Bluffs. (3)

-- Jun 27, 1846
Elder John E. Page is excommunicated from the LDS church for encouraging members to follow James Strang. (2)

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