LDS History, Feb 25, 1950

-- Feb 25, 1950
Missionaries returned to Hong Kong for the first time since 1853. (1)

-- Mar 12, 1950
[Thomas S. Monson] Sustained as second counselor in the 6th-7th Ward bishopric. Had previously been ward clerk and ward Young Men's president. (2)

-- During 1950 March
The Tahitian mission purchased an 81-foot yacht for mission travel. (1)

-- May 7, 1950
[Thomas S. Monson] Sustained as bishop of the 6th-7th Ward. (2)

-- Jun 1, 1950
President George Albert Smith dedicated a statue of Brigham Young at the nation's Capitol. (1)

-- Jul 1, 1950
The responsibility of the LDS girls' program was transferred from the Presiding Bishopric to the Young Women's Mutual Improvement Association, where it remained until 1974. (1)

-- Aug 8, 1950
[Joseph Smith] President George F. Richards, president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, dies. (3)

[Quorum of the Twelve] George F. Richards dies. (4)

-- Sep 30, 1950
[Quorum of the Twelve] David O. McKay becomes President of the Quorum. (4)

-- During 1950 September
Early morning seminaries were inaugurated in Southern California. This was the beginning of a movement that spread seminary throughout the Church on an early morning, nonreleased-time basis. (1)

Early-morning seminary inaugurated in southern California. (5)

-- Oct 5, 1950
[Joseph Smith] Delbert L. Stapley is ordained to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. (3)

-- Nov 11, 1950
Terrence Henry Rooney, first Latter-day Saint elected to the British Parliament, is born in Bradford, Yorkshire. (6)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology

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