LDS History, Feb 28, 1942

-- Feb 28, 1942
It was announced that due to World War II, the Relief Society general conference scheduled for April, which had been planned to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Relief Society, along with centennial celebrations in the stakes, would not be held. Rather, celebrations were to be held on the ward and branch level. (1)

-- Mar 23, 1942
The First Presidency announced that for the duration of World War II it would call only older men who had been ordained high priests or seventies on full-time missions. (1)

-- Apr 4, 1942-6
Because of limitations on travel, the annual April general conference was closed to the general Church membership and confined to General Authorities and presidencies of the 141 stakes. The First Presidency on April 5, 1942, closed the Tabernacle for the duration of the war. Conference sessions were held in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square and in the assembly room of the Salt Lake Temple. (1)

-- Apr 6, 1942
[Heber J. Grant] Delivers a general conference address for the last time. For the next three years, all his conference talks are read by others. (2)

-- Apr 18, 1942
May Green Hinckley, general president of the Primary Association, announced that the presiding officers of the Primary on all levels would henceforth be known as "presidents" rather than "superintendents." (1)

-- May 09, 1942
[U.S. Religious History] John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States, was born. (3)

-- During 1942 July
Church Welfare leaders urged members to plant gardens, to bottle as many fruits and vegetables as they could utilize, and to store coal. (1)

-- Aug 17, 1942
The USS Brigham Young, a Liberty class ship, was christened. (1)

-- Oct 8, 1942 - 6 October 1946
[Change in Presiding Church Patriarch Office] Joseph Fielding Smith Great-grandson of Hyrum Smith; not a descendant of previous Presiding Patriarch Hyrum G. Smith; released by President George Albert Smith amid reports of homosexual activity. Restored to "priesthood status" in 1957. (Not the same Joseph Fielding Smith who served as president of the church from 1970 (4)

-- During 1942 October
LDS Servicemen's Committee organized with Harold B. Lee as chair. (5)

-- Dec 16, 1942
[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Death of son, Samuel George Clawson. (6)

-- 1942
Church Membership at end of year: 917,715
New Converts : 25,635
Percent Change from previous year: 2.87% (7)

-- During 1942-1945
[Utah] Topaz (Japanese-American Relocation Camp) operates near Delta. (8)

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