End of the tour

Thanks for those who tuned into "LDS Church History" over the past year and a half.  I hope you enjoyed the tour!

I will probably restart the chronology in 2013 when the Gospel Doctrine topic is the D&C.  I've added a significant amount of new information -- so the next run will have a lot more information.

Thanks to this list and some other projects I've worked on, I've been invited to participate in a "Mormon Media Symposium" at BYU in November.  I will participate on the panel "Mormon Media Studies: Across Web Time, Cyberspace, and Blogging Disciplines."  The organizer of the panel describes my presentation this way. 

"... will discuss how his 25-year online journey through the wild-west-like uncorrelated world of the Internet affected faith-related decisions regarding his unique form of automated blogging.  Using computer programs, Mormon history content is pulled from over 120 online sources -- slicing, dicing and presenting this disparate material as a single coherent historical chronology.  This is disseminated through daily posts, which will gradually traverse through the history of the church..."

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