LDS History, Mar 19, 2006

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-- Mar 19, 2006
The first meetinghouse constructed by the Church in Malaysia was dedicated in Miri, Sarawak. (1)

-- Apr 18, 2006
Cebu Philippines (Under Construction) Temple; Location: Cebu City, Philippines; Announcement: 18 April 2006; Groundbreaking: 14 November 2007 by Dallin H. Oaks; Notes: Announced by letter to local priesthood leaders in April 2006. Groundbreaking and site dedication was performed by Dallin H. Oaks on 14 November 2007. (2)

-- Apr 29, 2006
[Hinckley] Announced the Cebu Philippines Temple (3)

-- Apr 30, 2006
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir reached a milestone when it aired the 4,000th consecutive network broadcast of its weekly "Music and Spoken Word" program. (1)

Mormon Tabernacle Choir‘s 4,000th weekly ―Music and the Spoken Word broadcast. By this date, Bonneville International Corporation had produced and distributed Music and the Spoken Word for 40 years, and its progenitor KSL Radio had been part of all 4,000 broadcasts. (4)

-- During April 2006
[Mormon Tabernacle Choir] MENC (The National Association for Music Education) Concert with Oak Ridge Boys and U.S. Army Herald Trumpets (Feed the Children). (5)

-- May 25, 2006
Vancouver British Columbia (Under construction) Temple; Location: Langley, British Columbia, Canada; Announcement: 25 May 2006; Groundbreaking: 4 August 2007 by Ronald A. Rasband; Notes: Completion expected in early 2010. (2)

-- Jun 2, 2006
[Hinckley] Announced the Vancouver British Columbia Temple in Canada (3)

-- Jun 9, 2006
[Hinckley] Announced the Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple (3)

Tegucigalpa Honduras (Identifying new location) Temple; Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Announcement: 9 June 2006; Notes: Announced by letter to local priesthood leaders 9 June 2006; press release sent 24 June 2006.Although ground was broken on 9 June 2007 by Spencer V. Jones, excavation was halted because of opposition from Tegucigalpa city officials and citizens, who felt the temple would overshadow and block the view of the Catholic Our Lady of Suyapa Basilica on adjacent land. After negotioations failed to resolve the issue, the church announced on Wednesday, 28 January 2009, that out of respect for the city officials and citizens, the church would relocate the temple. (2)

-- Jun 11, 2006
[Hinckley] Spoke at a meeting honoring handcart pioneers of 150 years ago. It originated in Iowa City, Iowa and was broadcast over the Church satellite system (3)

-- Jun 23, 2006
Broke ground, on his 96^th birthday, for the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center on the BYU campus (3)

-- During summer 2006
Since 1985, Humanitarian Services donated more than $200 million in cash and more than $700 million in goods (food, medical equipment, clothing, and educational supplies) to 163 countries for disaster relief. (4)

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Mormon History Timeline /Chronology